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Still Celebrating

Posted by honestpoet on December 28, 2006

Things are pretty slow here in terms of writing.  We celebrate the twelve days of Xmas in this house (being apostate Catholics), so I’m still busy doing things with the kids.  I’ve got my mother & stepfather coming on the 3rd, and my girl is busy, with play-dates & violin lessons with my friend’s son who’s the concert master at a local university, while she’s out of school.  (My son is busy with the mega-man video games he got for Xmas.)  And I need to go outside and plant pansies (which are the floral symbol for independent thought!  not to mention very pretty and cold hardy).

I got a bamboo six-holed flute and a book on Irish flute playing for Xmas, and I’ve been practicing like a maniac.  I used to play a native American flute, but this is very different, being transverse (meaning I blow across a hole rather than down into a mouthpiece).  It’s tricky, but I’m getting the hang of it.   It’s lovely to be learning an instrument that uses western scales, because now my husband (who’s been playing music for 25 years) can help me learn.  He’s an excellent teacher.  When I’ve acquired some real proficiency I’ll be buying a Terry McGee flute, which is quite an investment.

I’ll be back to ranting about things I’m fed up with after the kids get back to school, but for now, I’m enjoying ignoring the outside world and cocooning with my family and lots of baked goodies and my flute, which makes beautiful music, when I manage it right.


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