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New Violent Xtian Video Game — Hey Kids, Kill the Nonbelievers!

Posted by honestpoet on December 29, 2006

Just what we need: a video game to train xtian terrorists.

Here’s a press release from American Atheists:

Violent Christian Video Game Promotes Religious Bigotry, Intolerance

A new video game targeting conservative Christians promotes intolerance and demonizes Atheists and other nonbelievers, gays, and even members of minority religious groups an Atheist civil rights organization warned today.

Based on the “Left Behind” series of apocalyptic novels, the game has been distributed to over 10,000 retail locations including Wal-Mart, just in time for the holiday season. Dubbed “Left Behind: Eternal Forces,” the action is set in New York City where a Christian militia is engaged in bloody combat with “bad guys” who refuse to accept Jesus. Despite earlier protests from civic and even religious groups, the company behind this intolerant video fare defends the game as “inspirational entertainment.”

Ellen Johnson, President of American Atheists, said that everything from the content to the marketing of “Left Behind” takes the game to a new and possibly dangerous level.

“There are plenty of violent and racy video games out there in the market, but ‘Left Behind’ conveys a message of intolerance.” Johnson added that players score points for “blowing away” their heretical opponents, and that points scored for “unnecessary killing” can be redeemed by prayer.

“In a time when our nation and the rest of the world desperately need to stress tolerance, this game – targeted at a vulnerable segment of our community, namely, young people – preaches that violence is acceptable as long as Jesus or some religious figure demands its use.”

Dave Silverman, Communications Director for the group said that American Atheists was NOT advocating censorship of “Left Behind” or any other controversial video game. “We’re not asking the government or retailers to ban this game. Parents, though, should use the church-centered marketing of this as an opportunity to talk to young people about good judgement, acceptance of others, and the need for tolerance – not violence.”

American Atheists is a nationwide movement which defends the civil rights of nonbelievers, works for the separation of church and state, and addresses issues of First Amendment public policy.



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