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Mentally Ill in the Military

Posted by honestpoet on January 10, 2007

My husband brought this man to my attention. “Personality Disorder”? I think more like a sociopath. This is terrible, for the victims especially, but also for our soldiers still there. And now we’re sending more, whom some generals say will basically just be bomb fodder.

Here’s the article that hubby had really found disturbing. The military’s mishandling of this man is tragic.

The military has got to start taking mental illness seriously. They’re also having a real hard time treating people with post-traumatic stress disorder properly, and it’s taking a serious toll in suicides.


4 Responses to “Mentally Ill in the Military”

  1. whig said

    The military really has no use for disabled veterans. If they commit suicide it’s less burden on the VA. Frankly it’s all the same to the military if the soldiers are dead as incapacitated beyond useful service as cannon fodder.

    But that’s just how it looks to any disinterested, objective observer. I’m sure someone in the military would be quick to claim otherwise, and they probably have more than a few token patients that they wheel out to salute the flag. Just none that whine about being mistreated, they get left in the dirt.

  2. honestpoet said

    My husband, who sees some veterans, has also told me that all their benefits have been cut.

    It just amazes me that this administration, who is viewed by so many as pro-military, has treated servicemen (and -women) and veterans so poorly.

  3. Disturbing article to be sure. It’s not just the military that needs to start taking mental illness among soldiers seriously, but the civilian population as well. Let’s face it, war puts the worst imaginable stresses on those who fight them.

    The problem with military service is that you’re kept on a leash like a dog until you’re needed to go attack someone or defend against someone. You’re supposed to become violent on demand, which requires developing an on/off mechanism or switch in your mind. Sure, discipline helps to cope with this, but the reality is that once you are in the midst of war, your mind is under constant bombardment in every sense of the word.

    My own personal thought on the matter is that such incidents of reprisal and revenge will remain a greater concern so long as we use severely limiting rules of engagement and force warriors to play the role of peacemakers and IED targets.

  4. honestpoet said

    I agree.

    My thoughts, further, are that we ought not to have a standing army, as the founders intended, and just have local militias who will know what to do when necessary, and have the arms to do it. An army with nothing to do is a dangerous thing to the men in power, so what we’ve got now is a system that encourages the men in power to find something for them to do.

    This is unacceptable.

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