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When is Humanity Going to Get That We’re All in This Together?

This is why we need to up the reality dose

Posted by honestpoet on January 10, 2007

Hubby just came across this book review at amazon that I had to share.  It’s for a book on the computer graphics system for linux called gnome.   You’re not gonna believe this:

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Sheesh. I thought this was about Gnomes., November 12, 2006

Reviewer: Windy12 (Bern) – See all my reviews

Oh, silly me. I got this one when I first started to get into Gnomes. I thought it was going to teach me how to experience them. Imagine my dismay when I got it. Oh My. Well, I gave it to my nephew to work with, he’s into those computers. I finally found “If You Could Only See .. A Gnome’s Story” by Christopher Valentine, MBA and Christian von Lahr, PhD which was the right book for me. That is to say, learning that Gnomes and nature people are real. Very convincing book. Lots of how to. Thanks for the official Gnome 2 Guide, but the title really threw me. I hope this message helps others who may be looking for the REAL DEAL on seeing and experienceing gnomes for yourself. Good luck you computer types out there, for you, you may find this book a playful addition to your technical references. And, at least that, is something suitable to gnomes.

If you don’t believe me, find it here.


4 Responses to “This is why we need to up the reality dose”

  1. Cat said

    This is the explanation I saw on a bookselling board by someone who’d seen the folly of Christianity only to decide that they believed in faeries:

    She said she’d read up on it, weighed the evidence, and finds [the existence of devas, faeries, etc.] plausible and understandable. Devas are architects of plant species. They decide the shape and form a plant will take. Faeries execute that shape by converting energy into matter.

    She went on to say that she couldn’t explain how it is possible for a 1,000 year old redwood tree to reach its height and mass considering the mass displaced via the root system. She said that this doesn’t prove the existence of faeries. It just seems miraculous to her.

    Then she said that at Findhorn the residents worked with faeries to create a world-renowned garden. Horticulturists from all around the world have visited it and claimed that what was done at Findhorn was impossible. Certain species of trees and roses grew and thrived there where all experts said it couldn’t be done. She also finds the positive testimony of sceptical professionals and academics concerning Findhorn compelling. She finished by saying there is more evidence for nature spirits than against. Thus her belief in them. When the evidence against nature spirits outweighs that for them, then she says she will revise her thinking.

    How do you argue with such idiocy? You don’t. People want magic. And, by damned, they’ll have it, whether it’s real or not.

  2. honestpoet said


    I’d had that garden cited as evidence from an otherwise almost sensible person at Zaadz. One of many frustrating moments.

    Never mind that gardening is often about making things grow where they normally wouldn’t, and that the climate is changing. All kinds of things are growing where they “shouldn’t” these days.

    I’m not sure why folks don’t want to look to the most LOGICAL explanation for things, rather than the most fantastic.

    I think it’s a matter of maturity, myself.

    Thanks for the cogent comment, Cat.

  3. Spontanaity said

    How sad that you do not see or believe in Faeries. That is probably why you do not see them for yourself!

    • honestpoet said

      I’ve heard: seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.

      But does this say anything about reality, or about our ability to deceive ourselves? I’m actually open to having my beliefs challenged, and there are things in my experience that defy explanation…but that doesn’t mean I’m going to buy the reality of every fairy-tale being we’re told about in childhood stories. There is nothing sad at all about embracing reality…in fact, it’s liberating.

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