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Now here’s a good idea…

Posted by honestpoet on January 22, 2007

…let the poppies in Afghanistan actually help patients!

Of course, it makes too much sense for anyone in power to agree to it. Here’s the BBC story.


2 Responses to “Now here’s a good idea…”

  1. Interesting idea. Even if it weren’t a long-term solution, it might be a good idea to get the farmers used to selling to a legitimate market. Then gradually phase out the poppy production as they are shown new crops to grow.

  2. honestpoet said

    Or, if it works, keep growing the poppies! I’d much rather have naturally grown, refined opiates than synthetic ones, which cause much larger quantities of impurities to be dumped into the ecosystem.

    It’s silly that we go through so much trouble and expense to fabricate chemically what nature makes so well and easily. The only folks who profit from that are the drug companies. Even they seem to realize, though, that they can still make a profit simply by refining the natural plant material.

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