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Sex toys, the pursuit of happiness, and Christianofascism

Posted by honestpoet on February 16, 2007

Yesterday we got a plain brown box in the mail. We’d ordered some nifty toys before Valentine’s Day (they got here a day late). We sure had a lot of fun last night. I’m thinking tonight’s going to be fun, too.

But hubby comes home from work today, and tells me he heard something really interesting on the radio. Apparently Alabama passed a law that not only makes the sale of dildos and other genital-stimulating devices illegal, but even the possession. And there’s a potential sentence of 10 years in prison. For having a dildo. Jeebus.

Here’s a funny Mark Morford editorial about the whole business. Apparently sex toys are illegal in my state, too. So I’ve been breaking yet another law and I didn’t even know it.

This is outrageous. There’s absolutely no way they can justify this law except with religion.

I’m pretty sure that what I do with my own genitals is nobody’s business but my own. If that’s not part of my inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness, I don’t know what is.

The Supremes (stacked as they are in the Christianofascists’ favor) say that they can’t deny a state the right to outlaw sexual acts, or before you know it states might make incest or pedophilia or rape legal. Right. What a crock.

First of all, as if.

Second of all, my using a dildo doesn’t involve anyone else. So how can it be compared to rape or incest or child molestation?

This is establishment of religious law, and it’s absolutely unconstitutional.


18 Responses to “Sex toys, the pursuit of happiness, and Christianofascism”

  1. Monte said

    In fact, this pastor has a really hard time (um … I’m not making puns here) connecting this with Christianity. Call me naive, I guess.

  2. honestpoet said

    It IS weird. I found it hard to believe.

    Of course there’s no VALID argument relating it to Christianity, just that pervasive prudishness that too many seem to think is a necessary aspect of being Christian.

    My husband, who recommends “toys” to men with erectile dysfunction who want to please their partners without having to take a pill every time, considers this a breach of doctor/patient privilege.

    The most frustrating thing is not that the law could pass in referendum, but that the Supreme Court refuses to hear any more cases on this, when it’s a patent violation of our constitutional rights.

  3. Monte said

    Indeed. If that’s God, I’m an atheist, too!

  4. honestpoet said


  5. Majutsu said

    I think I need to buy stock in a company that ships bananas to Alabama.

  6. honjii said

    You guys are missing the point. Do you really want to be in the bank or a convenience store some night when some crazed moron comes in carrying a concealed dildoe, next thing you know all hell breaks loose? It’s for our own good. I for one would feel much safer in my home if sex toys were outlawed by the federal government.

  7. honestpoet said


    In case someone is foolish enough to take that comment at face value, check out Honjii’s blog.

    Honjii’s a master at sarcasm. (I love it!)

  8. honjii said

    Why thank you very much. I consider that a compliment. 🙂

  9. honestpoet said

    As it was meant! (De rien.)

  10. Monte said

    One could continue on with this …
    Robber in convenience store: “Hands up!”
    Clerk: “Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just …”

  11. honestpoet said


  12. JanieBelle said

    Hi HP!

    There’s further conversation on this at Sex in the Public Square, where Tom Joaquin (an attorney) has posted about it and is taking questions.

    Tom is a new contributor to Dr. Wood’s blog, and she is exploring several of the issues involved in several subsequent posts over the weeks since then.

    Thought I’d share.


  13. Alise said

    Yeah, I heard about this law. It’s Alabama. What do you expect?

    Did you know oral sex is technically illegal in Virginia?

  14. honestpoet said

    Thanks, JB! I’ll be checking that out later.

    Alise, yes, it’s illegal where I live, too.

    Funny about it being Alabama, but it’s not so funny for the folks who live in these backward states. A large part of the motivation of this blog is an attempt to get the rest of the country to help us out down here.

  15. Monte said

    Came across this story today on Daily Kos regarding a potential challenger to Jeff Sessions, and found it awfully interesting, and relevant to the dismay expressed in your previous comment: AL-Sen: Introducing Ron Sparks.

  16. honestpoet said

    That’s excellent, Monte. The South needs to get back to its populist roots. The country, for that matter. What happened to “Of the People, By the People, For the People”?

    O, yeah. Fascism.

  17. Monte said

    This begged to be passed-on, and you were the only one I knew who’d raised a similar subject: Recycling vibrators. It’s funny, good, and yet … strange.
    Best wishes!

  18. honestpoet said

    That’s beautiful! I hope someone in the states starts a similar program. I’ve got a rabbit (mine’s bright pink). I highly recommend them to any woman wanting to get right to business.

    Thankfully, I don’t need to use mine often, so I probably won’t ever need to recycle it.

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