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When is Humanity Going to Get That We’re All in This Together?

Fear of Freedom

Posted by honestpoet on February 21, 2007

Hitler said that people would rather believe a lie than to be free. Of course he used that common human trait to the hilt.

Freedom is scary because it means you’re responsible. You’re responsible for your own actions. Every minute of every day.

I choose freedom. I think what feels true to me, do what feels true to me, even if that means defying convention or even the law. I can’t help it: it’s my nature. That’s why I call myself Honest Poet. I refuse to lie to be nice or get along. I won’t pretend that a lie is the truth.

I search for facts, and try to make good choices, try to judge what’s right at any given moment, doing my best to cause the least harm I can.

I see each human being for what she or he is: a human being, each with her/his own hopes and fears.

The world without blinders on dazzles, and sometimes terrifies.


6 Responses to “Fear of Freedom”

  1. homeyra said

    It seems to me the challenge of our decade is to choose between thinking as a “consumer” or as a “responsible”. I don’t think being “responsible” is as hard as many of us would think.
    Btw, I finally read something about Britney!! and it is related to Iran:

  2. honestpoet said

    Excellent article! Thanks for posting that here.

    Hey, have you read Irshad Manji’s book The Trouble with Islam? It’s written in the form of a letter to “my fellow Muslims,” but in part also addresses non-Muslims who would like to support moderate Muslims, especially women, in the reform movement. I found it very heartening.

  3. homeyra said

    Sorry! wrong link, here it is:
    No, I haven’t read it, but I know it by heart:)

  4. Miche said

    Love the blog and especially this post.

  5. honestpoet said

    Thanks, Miche.

    Homeyra, that makes more sense! Of course I disagree with the author on a few things, but her main point is sound, that American journalism is whacked (I’m not sure who has better, but I know ours sucks right now), and it’s largely because of what the public wants.

  6. […] de la liberté, deuxième édition Today I found an itty-bitty post as weighty as a masterpiece. Honest Poet said: Hitler said that people would rather believe a lie […]

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