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Excellent Thoughts on the Dead-Jesus Broohaha

Posted by honestpoet on February 28, 2007

Here’s a post hubby found while researching about that alleged discovery of the holy family. I’m adding this site to my blogroll. I do enjoy the musings of a sound mind.


4 Responses to “Excellent Thoughts on the Dead-Jesus Broohaha”

  1. Josh H. said

    My Thoughts on the Dead-Jesus Broohaha. It brings a few questions to mind:

    1) There was nothing that the Jewish religious leaders of the 1st century would have loved more than to discredit this “new sect” of Christianity. Yet it was spreading like wild fire. All they would have had to do was present Jesus’ body to disprove it all. If his body has been there all this time,then it would have been easy for the religious leaders of that day to just go get it. Everyone knew where he was buried. Joseph of Arimathea buried Jesus in his (Joseph’s) own tomb. This being the case it seems unlikely that Joseph of Arimathea would then let Jesus’ whole family be buried there as well.

    2) I know what you’re thinking: “Maybe Christ’s followers just got his dead body and moved it.” Also not likely. Everyone of the twelve disciples (well, not Judas Iscariot of course) was either tortured for preaching Christ, killed for preaching Christ, or both. Not many people, no matter how power hungry, would endure torture and death for a lie. If the disciples themselves faked it, I doubt that it would be so important to them so as to give up life and limb for that lie.

    3) The ones claiming that they have found Christ’s body (and the bodies of his family members) have a very large burden of proof on their hands. They must explain how it is that they know this is the holy family, and not some elaborate hoax (which I have no doubt that it is). They most also explain how it is not possible that someone over the last 2,000 years hasn’t just found some random dead family in the holy land just inscribed the names of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, etc. as some sort of strange joke. They also must answer what became of Joseph of Arimathea’s body since, it would appear, his tomb has been in use by the holy family for the last 2,000 years. And their proof had better be good if they plan on upsetting 2,000 years of Christian orthodoxy.

    The Pharisaic teacher Gamaliel is recorded as saying something very interesting in the book of Acts chapter 5. Even though he and the other Pharisees were against Christianity, Gamaliel wisely stated that if Christianity “is of men, it will be overthrown; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them; or else you may even be found fighting against God.” Those words were spoken about 2,000 years ago. And Christianity has not been overthrown. Draw your own conclusions.

    It’s gonna take more than some mislabeled ossuaries to topple the truth of the Bible and the teachings of Christ.

  2. honestpoet said

    In the history of the world two-thousand years doesn’t prove that much. Sometimes it takes that long for the truth to come out.

    Personally, I’m reserving judgment until I’ve seen the thing and listened to the debate afterwards.

    It doesn’t make THAT big a difference to me. But it will to many. I just finished typing a long post about what my husband experienced at work today, which I’ll upload now.

  3. James Cameron Finds Ice On The Sun

  4. honestpoet said

    Wow, Coops, you’re frickin’ hilarious.

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