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When is Humanity Going to Get That We’re All in This Together?

Illuminati’s Plan

Posted by honestpoet on March 1, 2007

My husband tells me that the conspiracy theory goes like this:

After prepping the world with The Da Vinci Code, now they disclose these bodies. Next, they disclose that the bloodline never died out, and here he is, folks, the direct heir of Christ, and he’s gonna rule the world.

Of course, that would never work. If history has proven anything, it’s that neither intelligence nor nobility are necessarily inherited.


12 Responses to “Illuminati’s Plan”

  1. I wouldn’t be so shocked if it happened. Crazier things have taken place in this world. I still can’t believe the folks in Florida are tattooing 666 in their arms for the Puerto Rican “rebirth” of Christ.

  2. honestpoet said

    I haven’t heard about this yet. Goodness.

  3. Check it out here


    I think there are a bunch of clips of him on Youtube.

  4. honestpoet said

    Wow. I’ll have to check out Youtube.

    Love that right margin at that site, btw. That’s really great.

  5. Let me know if you find anything. If you don’t I know there are some blogs with video posted of this lune.

  6. honestpoet said

    I watched most of the CNN story (first hit when you google him with “youtube”).

    That’s one slimy fella.

    See, if folks weren’t already primed by religion to believe bullshit, con artists wouldn’t be able to fool them. We ought to be basing our culture on science and reason, not fairy tales and legends.

  7. Interesting…does your husband actually believe this? The who Lost Tomb thing was terribly silly. Hmmm…I can see it now…the descendant of Jesus set up to rule the world, is you guessed it…Barack Obama! (HA HA HA).

  8. honestpoet said

    Of course not! But as a psychiatrist he gets to hear all the popular conspiracy theories. Some of them are pretty amusing.

    And no, Barack Obama, according to the conventional lunacy, is not the descendant of Jesus, he’s the seventh head of the Anti-Christ.

  9. Ah, your husband is a psychiatrist! The stories he must hear! Yeah, anti-christ, christ, what’s the difference? I like that term…”conventional lunacy.”

  10. honestpoet said

    Yep, stories like you wouldn’t believe. And he vents them all, when needed, to me.

    Some of them are funny, but most are heart-breaking.

    And thanks.

    Personally, I think the term “conventional wisdom” is an oxymoron. I’ve found nothing conventional about wisdom, and nothing wise about convention.

  11. Karey said

    Do we have Jesus DNA? Forgive me if that is a really stupid question.

  12. honestpoet said

    Yes, they got some from debris in the ossuary, I believe. (No, not a stupid question.)

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