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Introducing Majutsu, My Husband

Posted by honestpoet on March 6, 2007

He posted this in a comment to my last post, but I thought this deserved to be read on its own:

You know what’s really funny? That this show [“The Lost Tomb of Jesus”] was widely watched and has generated a lot of curiosity and interest in jesus and his teachings. This interest has been generated in precisely those far removed from christ, such as atheists, the very nihilistic, those least reached in the last twenty or so years. If a christian cared about lost souls, they would approach this like follows, “It’s good to see you so excited about jesus the man. Don’t you wonder now what he taught and why so many base their life on his teachings? Why don’t you come to our church and talk about jesus and his life?” Oddly enough though, at a time when a couple hundred thousand to a million people, formerly very closed to god and christ, were opened up all at once and thirsting for knowledge about the teachings of jesus, how were they rewarded? By being reminded in the press and blogs that christians could give two shits about saving people. They want to condemn, to damn to eternal fire, the producer, the archaeologist, the network. . . They were reminded that christians want only to micro-control thought and other people’s lives. The proof is the opportunity for dialog that was lost — ignored. We may conclude from this that there is apparently no christian joy or close relationship with the divine to share. There really is only perpetual hatred and a false sense of self built on enjoying, with fantastic embellished imagery, the control and torment of others. Christianity is after the religion of the Roman Empire, the worship of jesus and the holy roman emperor in rome as divine. And the Romans were the Nazis of the ancient world. True to their heritage as cruel tyrants, the faithful christians walled themselves up, covering their eyes and ears, shrieking that their sole possession, their tattered rags of borrowed thoughts, was being dragged into the street, leaking out of the control of their balled little fists. Unfortunately for the christian, if there is a god, she sends rain down to the good and the evil. To wish your neighbor to be parched and dying of thirst every time it rains means that with every single drop that falls you again fail the ultimate test of faith, to be willing to be part of this one life, this being. This is the sort of sin that really matters, not violating undecipherable precepts of rotting books.

Ain’t that the truth.


5 Responses to “Introducing Majutsu, My Husband”

  1. Monte said

    And ain’t it the pitch of Jesus himself? Ain’t it what Jesus said that so profoundly offended the religious of his day? And ain’t that completely and still at odds with the religious of every sect? Perhaps Jesus never intended to start a religion called Christianity!
    Ah, your husband, the prophet.

  2. Miche said

    Great comment.

  3. honestpoet said

    That’s why I love this man.

    And yes, you’re quite right, too, Monte. I’ve thought in the past days (as I used to think, before I came to believe that he’d never existed) about how horrified Jesus would be at all that’s been done and is still done in his name.

  4. I agree with you that Jesus would probably be horrified at all that’s been done using his name.
    However:) I think you cannot judge all Christians as the same. “They want to condemn, to damn to eternal fire..etc.” We just are not all the same! I am actually very cool and respect everyone’s right to choose what they believe or don’t. My kind of Christianity might not be the norm – but there are those of us out there who don’t fit that description.

  5. honestpoet said

    I know. It doesn’t take too many bad apples to spoil it for the bunch, though. I do sorta sometimes wish that Christians like you would smack down those in your churches who hold such wrong-headed ideas about things. But then, Christians like you aren’t likely to smack anyone down, eh?

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