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More on the Lost Tomb of Jesus

Posted by honestpoet on March 6, 2007

Here’s what I found most compelling:

First of all, the names. They were pretty convincing, and in forms surprising enough that I don’t think a forger would have thought of them. (BTW, I love that Jesus named his son Judas. I always thought, even before learning of the Gospel of Judas, that he and Judas were actually pretty tight. I wrote a poem years ago called “Brother Judas” that paints the vilified disciple in a very sympathetic light.)

The symbol above the entrance of the tomb (a chevron with a circle inside it) which is repeated on Simon Peter’s ossuary at a separate site.

For me, there’s no question that this is the tomb of Jesus and his family. I think it’s a little crazy to pretend that it’s not. But then, religious people have always amazed me with their insane ability to deny reality.

Questions that remain for me:

How long is it going to take for people to accept this and allow it to change their minds?

What was Jesus really about? I’m planning on reading some of the gnostic gospels to see if Jesus’ teaching had any validity in terms of a useful world-view (I consider the Bible to be nothing but Roman propaganda, so it’s not a valid source). Or was he simply another con-man? Where’d he get the money for that tomb, anyway? “There will be poor always.” Yeah. So was he taking donations? And how much? Religion, it seems, has always been about making money for nothing. So as excited as my husband was about the idea of atheist Christianity, I’m not sure that would serve any purpose. I still think that science and ethics (secular humanism) are a better way to approach life than any thoughts of someone who lived back when they had no idea of what reality really is, no matter how nice that person may have been.

And when are we going to tear down the Vatican and return all that gold to the countries it rightfully belongs to?


7 Responses to “More on the Lost Tomb of Jesus”

  1. On the “chevron and circle” hype and the history of sensationalism from the Talpiot area:


  2. honestpoet said

    “This blog is about evidence–biblical and extrabiblical–that relates to the claims of Jesus and the accuracy of the Bible. While extrabiblical evidences will be weighed here, what the Apostle Peter wrote about will remain the major focus. He wrote that we have “a more sure word of prophecy”–the confirmed word in the scriptures that Jesus is the Messiah (2 Peter 1:19).”

    Sorry, Mr. Kilpatrick, you hardly qualify as an unbiased researcher. I’m not sure how many times I have to state that not only do I not consider the Bible to be any sort of authority, I actually view it with an extreme bias, considering it to be Roman propaganda written/edited to push the worship of a “divinely” empowered kingly authority (the Pope/Vatican).

    I did read what you had to say, however. Still not buying your view.

  3. b>Lying about the name Jesus, for profit, yet again…

    Hello HP and all,

    After finally watching the Jesus Tomb documentary and the hour of critical look “debates” following it, I am left with the sad conclusion that a large percentage of Christians will always oppose the truth, regardless of how it is presented. It has been amazing to watch people who regularly oppose critical thought and science hypocritically assert that critical thought and science supports so-called “biblical evidence” in their efforts to debunk this archeological find and associated theories.

    Reflect upon the fact that Christian leaders are howling about the truth of this archaeological find and associated theories, but are steadfastly and unabashedly opposed to having to prove the truth about the many dubious assertions and contradictions throughout the New Testament and Christianity. Many of these same people have the gall to complain about “theatrics” used to present these findings, as if Christianity has never turned a profit or stooped to even slicker and far more dubious methods pushing their stories and historical interpretations. It is rank hypocrisy for Christians to attack the presentation of this documentary as unbalanced when Christian history and current activities fall far short of what they are demanding in this situation. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, because what goes around comes around.

    Read More …

    Here is Wisdom !!

  4. honestpoet said


    You’re quite right.

    I checked out your wisdom-link. I like your lists. But I’m still not sure that we really even need to worry about anything like the Gnosis that was supposedly lost or distorted to create religion. I think we’ve already spent enough time on our knees to the past. Maybe this episode can be a real beginning for us, as a species, approaching our future together, aided by science and the sure knowledge that none of us knows what happens when we die, and no one alive ever will. I like secular humanism as a replacement for religion (for those who feel uncomfortable with the idea of leaving a vacuum). I use my own reason to guide my ethical choices, but I know that some people don’t have quite enough of that and feel more comfortable with guidelines and such.

    Of course I’m uncomfortable with your diction including the use of the word “God” as anything but a metaphor.

    I’ll be adding your blog to the blogroll, I think. Welcome.

  5. majutsu said

    You know what’s really funny? That this show was widely watched and has generated a lot of curiosity and interest in jesus and his teachings. This interest has been generated in precisely those far removed from christ, such as atheists, the very nihilistic, those least reached in the last twenty or so years. If a christian cared about lost souls, they would approach this like follows, “It’s good to see you so excited about jesus the man. Don’t you wonder now what he taught and why so many base their life on his teachings? Why don’t you come to our church and talk about jesus and his life?” Oddly enough though, at a time when a couple hundred thousand to a million people, formerly very closed to god and christ, were opened up all at once and thirsting for knowledge about the teachings of jesus, how were they rewarded? By being reminded in the press and blogs that christians could give two shits about saving people. They want to condemn, to damn to eternal fire, the producer, the archaeologist, the network. . . They were reminded that christians want only to micro-control thought and other people’s lives. The proof is the opportunity for dialog that was lost — ignored. We may conclude from this that there is apparently no christian joy or close relationship with the divine to share. There really is only perpetual hatred and a false sense of self built on enjoying, with fantastic embellished imagery, the control and torment of others. Christianity is after the religion of the Roman Empire, the worship of jesus and the holy roman emperor in rome as divine. And the Romans were the Nazis of the ancient world. True to their heritage as cruel tyrants, the faithful christians walled themselves up, covering their eyes and ears, shrieking that their sole possession, their tattered rags of borrowed thoughts, was being dragged into the street, leaking out of the control of their balled little fists. Unfortunately for the christian, if there is a god, she sends rain down to the good and the evil. To wish your neighbor to be parched and dying of thirst every time it rains means that with every single drop that falls you again fail the ultimate test of faith, to be willing to be part of this one life, this being. This is the sort of sin that really matters, not violating undecipherable precepts of rotting books.

  6. honestpoet said

    I think that deserves a post of its own. Well said, Majutsu.

  7. whig said

    I don’t know if Seven Star Hand ever saw this post but it might be interesting to you as well HP.

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