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Time Off for Spring

Posted by honestpoet on March 21, 2007

I haven’t abandoned this blog, I’ve just been occupied in the garden, and with my gardening class. Tomorrow is my last class, and I’ll be a Master Gardener. Which is hilarious. You’d know why I say that if you saw my garden right now. It’s a mess, though it looks a lot better than it did just weeks ago. My perennials are coming back to life, and all sorts of things are budding out or blooming.

But the weeds are even quicker than the flowers, and I’ve been having trouble keeping up. I’m not a spring chicken myself, so it’s not as easy for me to go out and pound out the work like I could even just a few years ago.

I had a poem come out in an atheist magazine, and I got my contributor’s copies about a week ago. My mother-in-law wants a copy. She’s a real sport these days. I’ve got another poem coming out any day in a lit mag out of the city where she lives, so she’ll be buying that one off the newsstand. But I’ll be taking her a copy of the other when we go up there soon for spring break.

We’ll be driving for two days each way, and we’ve got to cross mountains. It’ll be the first time for my kids. We’re excited about watching the landscape change; they’ve never seen a mountain. They’ve never even seen a real hill. I’m looking forward to seeing the awe on their faces.

My son is also going to be doing some science, cataloging frequency of vehicles (he’s very interested right now in the differences: cars, SUVs, trucks, mini-vans, etc.). My daughter will be watching movies, and looking up when I tell her there’s something to see.

Last week I wrote a poem I’d love to share here, but there’s too good a chance it’ll get published, and I’d like it to have a bigger readership than I’ve got here.


3 Responses to “Time Off for Spring”

  1. Miche said

    Hey Girlie! It’s funny how life gets in the way of our blogs. I have also been away- my daughter and her hubby have given me a grandson and I have spent much time in NOLA lately.

    Congrats on the poems and good luck with the gardening.

  2. naj said

    Hi Honest Poet,
    Glad to meet you.
    I am so deeply envious of people who can write poetry. I used to; and was good at it, people said; then migrated to a place where I didn’t speak the language, then stopped writing poems, then to not miss being a poet, became totally rational, and to do so, stopped to feel. In a way, I self-mutilated my poetcism. Now, I cry. That’s my only way of expressing feelings. Tears know no language. And ideas, well I scramble them up with my half-Enlish … no one expects opinions to be really beautiful or touching; as long as they convey a rational plausible argument. In fact, I ran from art to science … to hide and hide from my feelings … hmm … sorry to blabber, something in your name “honest poem” is deeply touching, and touching a nerve …

    see you

  3. honestpoet said

    Hi, Naj.

    I’m not sure if this will be welcome news, but I must break it to you: Once a poet, always a poet. You can’t kill it. You may have sent it into hiding, may have mortared it up behind a brick wall of numbness, but it’s in there, biding its time.

    I say bring down the wall. Let yourself feel and express it artfully.

    You can start by reading poetry. I understand your culture has created many great poets.

    Maybe your culture needs a rational poet now. I know mine does.


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