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Global Warming’s Hitting Home for those in the Far North

Posted by honestpoet on April 15, 2007

Here’s an article for all those neocon dolts who insist that global warming is some sort of liberal conspiracy to make Bush look bad (or whatever ridiculous belief causes their resistance to the truth). It’s about Inuit hunters and other indigenous folks of the far north (and the wildlife they coexist with) having trouble with the thinning ice.

QALUIT, Nunavut – Inuit hunters are falling through thinning ice and dying. Dolphins are being spotted for the first time. There’s not enough snow to build igloos for shelter during hunts.

As scientists work to establish the impact of global warming, explorers and hunters slogging across northern Canada and the Arctic ice cap on sled and foot are describing the realities they see on the ground. Three of them recently spoke to The Associated Press.

“This is really ground zero for global warming,” said Will Steger, a 62-year-old Minnesotan who has been traveling the region for 43 years and has witnessed the impact of warming on the 155,000 indigenous people of the Arctic.

“This is where a culture has lived for 5,000 years, relying on a very delicate, interconnected ecosystem and, one by one, small pegs of that ecosystem are being pulled out.”

Read more.

It’s time to get serious about ameliorating our impact. Go here and sign a petition to encourage caps on emissions. Let’s reclaim our planet for all its inhabitants.


6 Responses to “Global Warming’s Hitting Home for those in the Far North”

  1. Nice blog!

  2. honestpoet said


  3. Monte said

    Nice one, thanks. I think stories of real people – like this – are more powerful than graphs.

  4. honestpoet said

    Yes…though it can be upsetting to realize how much damage has already been done. Another sad fact, not mentioned in this article, is that polar bears are drowning, having to swim farther than they’re accustomed to between ice floes.

    I often think that the biggest obstacle to acceptance of the facts is the sadness and anger and fear that accompany the realization. Not to mention the fact that we all need to make some significant changes to our lifestyles. The only way real change is going to happen, though, and happen fast enough, is if we, the US, take responsibility and mandate compliance to some strict standards.

    If the oil and auto industries would quit resisting, the infrastructure could be adapted without too much pain. Street cars in the cities (like we used to have, before they were intentionally discarded in favor of cars), solar and wind to power our homes, and some sort of biomass fuel in hybrid cars. And a constant push to develop better and better technologies. If we all cooperated on this, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to create a sustainable, really nurturing society. Nurturing for the earth and for the individual.

  5. I like your blog a lot and your honesty and passion as well. Good job!

  6. honestpoet said

    Thanks for reading, and for the kind words, Marsha!

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