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When is Humanity Going to Get That We’re All in This Together?

Now This is Good All Around

Posted by honestpoet on October 29, 2007

Part of our ongoing encounter with Jessica has involved our realizing the need to take our finances more seriously. So we’re tackling our debt and preparing to invest, when we’re clear of it. At ebay, where I’ve been getting great deals on things for home decor (rather than spending tons at the shops ’round here), like planters and the most adorable rusty Victorian door knocker that still has remnants of its original paint, which is much more colorful and charming than what we see all the time as reproductions and which is going to go on my very weathered wooden door (which is about 100 years old) after I’ve finished cleaning and sanding it and painting it with very yellow oil paint of my own making (thanks to Mother Earth News for the recipes), I followed this link at the bottom of the screen. This is how we’ll do it. I’ve heard about these micro-loans going on. I’m so excited that we can be a part of it.


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