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And Dennis Kucinich Will Be My Kind of President

Posted by honestpoet on November 23, 2007

Someone who isn’t afraid of being unpopular, someone who’s smart but not stuck in books. Someone who’s taken a good look at how things are working and can see what needs fixing. If we want to get our head out of our ass, America, and let’s face it, right now we’re bumbling around the world, causing all sorts of damage, mumbling, “Who turned out the lights? And what’s that smell?,” then we need this man running the country.

As much as I love the idea of a female president (being of the female persuasion myself, and really, we need to join the ranks of the co-ed led eventually), and really think that health care does need some serious overhauling, believe me, I just don’t think that’s the biggest problem we’re facing right now. The biggest problem we’re facing right now is this war, and rumors of more wars.

Check out his fiery rhetoric as he gets going in some of this clip. The man speaks the truth.


14 Responses to “And Dennis Kucinich Will Be My Kind of President”

  1. giannakali said

    It’s not just the war he is awesome on. He also supports health care and higher education for all. I wish he had a chance in hell.

  2. Michael said

    Dennis Kucinich also has a universal health care proposal.

  3. honestpoet said

    Giannakali, I think it’s a little early to determine who has a chance and who doesn’t.

    Look around at your neighbors. Everyone’s stressed, everyone’s unhappy, while the neo-con elite and the televangelists who do their PR get richer and richer. War can’t last forever, not at the pace it’s fought these days. It’s breaking us. And Kucinich saw it from the beginning, and said so.

    Never mind right and wrong (though right and wrong are important to me). Or right and left, for that matter.

    We need this man in order to survive. Like one of my many bumper stickers says, “I’m not anti-Bush. I’m pro-intelligence.”

  4. honestpoet said

    Michael, anyone with any sense has one of those, don’t they? The need is patent.

  5. Michael said

    Which would exclude the entire Republican party, of course.

  6. Michael said

    I’m not sure that Hillary Clinton has a universal care plan at the moment, either. My perception is that she has up to now been talking about some insurance reforms, improvements to be sure, but leaving the present structure of private for-profit health insurance in place.

  7. Michael said

    The point being I agree, Dennis Kucinich is who I support as well, but if people were thinking of voting for Hillary Clinton because she has a better health care plan, well, no, she doesn’t. Dennis is correct on this issue as he is on every issue that I am aware of, because he is a thoughtful and caring man who wants to make the world a better place.

  8. honestpoet said

    Well, sure, which is why I’m endorsing him.

    But next time please try to make your point the first time. 😉

    And it’s nice to see you back, Michael. Has your opinion changed, then, about my truthfulness?

  9. Michael said

    I wasn’t going to bring up old disagreements, and I don’t care to go back and revisit what you said that caused me to depart before unless you insist. Isn’t it enough if we can find agreement now?

  10. honestpoet said

    Well, no, since this is my blog, and you left with an insult. You can take it back, or you can stay gone.

  11. Michael said

    I’d have to be shown the message, frankly. If it is important to you, I will look at it and retract what I said if appropriate.

  12. honestpoet said

    No, it’s hardly important. But I can’t say I have any respect for your intellect or your integrity if you can insult someone like that and forget about it.

  13. Michael said

    So you just insulted me. Call it even?

  14. honestpoet said


    But don’t do it again. I may have chosen a marble statue for my icon, but I have feelings too. (sniffle)

    Just kidding (about the sniffle). Welcome back.

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