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Barack Obama Illuminati?

Posted by honestpoet on January 4, 2008

You know, ever since I made a funny little post, during the dead-Jesus broo-ha-ha, about the next step being to introduce Barack Obama as Christ’s heir, every day at least one person finds my blog by searching for some combination of words including “illuminati” and some form of the man’s name.

Well, since he won the Iowa primary, my readership has spiked. And most of the new visitors are here to read that little post.

Come on, folks, the illuminati were an old secret society founded by a nutbar, that never did anything and that fell apart a long time ago. The only group of folks pulling the strings from behind the scenes are multi-national corporations, not men in dark suits intent on bringing the world into contact with aliens or into secular humanism or some new enlightenment or whatever it is you fear they’re doing. The strings that get pulled are pulled for financial reasons. Even seemingly religious wars really have more to do with real estate and mineral rights. The little man, the one who goes to church and goes to work and tries to pay his bills, is just a cog in the wheels of money-making for the small number of families who actually own everything. You are expendable. And it doesn’t have anything to do with liberal agendas. It has to do with money. To the rich, you are less than human. That’s just the way it is.

If there were an illuminati, a group of people who saw the bigger picture, who saw what humanity suffers and had some good ideas about how to drag it out of this dark age, I’d join up in a minute. But no one has come knocking. Because it’s just a conspiracy theory, folks. Quit watching so much TV, do some real reading, learn your history, and pull yourself up out of the scum left over from a 3,000-year-old land-grab.

And btw, Obama is too pedestrian to belong to any such enlightened group. He’s just another politician eager to suck on the corporate tit, who happens to have dark skin, which sets off your sublimated racism. You’d rather imagine him part of some weird conspiracy than admit that you hate him because he’s black.


27 Responses to “Barack Obama Illuminati?”

  1. Raymond said

    I’ve been following politics in America since the 1960’s, when John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro were pulling their hairs, Nikita Kruchev and Nixon were speaking out their guts with emotional gestures. America has been the concentration of all the political movements ever existed since Plato’s Republic, Nero and the Roman Empire. Why? because this is a country of immigrants, and as such attracts “verbus popularis”. When I lived in New York, I became a member of a group which was very much politically oriented, While screaming against Nixon’s impeachment, people would stop and listen. America is a great stage for discussion and argument, politics is our favorite plate. Now politics that make sense is the question now. Our country is in big trouble finantially and ideologically, the flower movement has fade away and the corporate greed has took over. To know that those in the corporate and financial power, are the same than those wearing bell battoms during the 60’s, is scary. The tremendous hypocracy being spread throughout this country, the lack of respect for the book of ethics, the failure of the church to guide us from evil, is causing for the White House to be stolen by the proletatian community. That sounds familiar, righ? Well let’s forge a new Democracy with dignity and respect for the greatness of this empire, let’s go back to the English.

  2. honestpoet said

    Either you’re being sarcastic or you really have no idea where I’m coming from.

    I have to disagree. The English are notorious for class struggle, for an unwarranted divide between those who are born to wealth and those who will never get ahead, no matter how hard they work.

    The English put Irish babies on pikes and then later wondered why the Irish couldn’t live beneath their rule. The English were some of the most stubborn colonialists. Go back to the English? You’ve got to be kidding. That’d be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

    What we need is to return to the ideals, never actually realized, voiced in our Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Respect for the greatness of this empire? This isn’t supposed to BE an empire, it’s supposed to be a republic.

  3. dianarn said

    What is an illuminati? A person or persons possessing “enlightenment.” Well, what’s enlightenment? Some say it’s knowledge, you know the whole “knowledge is power” thing. So who’s the Illuminati and what can this knowledge be that they possess? David Icke’s literary masterpiece “The Greatest Secret” is nothing more than a genealogy of a bunch of people, some call them the elites. It’s like reading the book of Numbers in the Bible: who was who, what they did, their name changes and why they did it, etc.

    How about the eugenics theory that started in the early 1900’s and said the human race is deteriorating because the inferior humans are multiplying faster than the superior ones. The USA forcefully sterilized thousands of people well before Hitler jumped on the bandwagon. So who are the “superior humans”? I guess if they’re not immigrants, black, Native American, Hispanic mentally retarted, diseased, unfit, feeble-minded, dumb (IQ tests determined whether or not you’ll be sterilized, too), or you had a family member that fit in one of those categories. That leads me to the next point.

    Have you ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones (The American Stonehenge)? They’re interesting. It’s found in Elbert County, Georgia, middle of nowhere. It’s a big monument and it presents 10 Comandments written in 8 different languages. Here’s the first two:
    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.

    So are those people who want 90% of the humans exterminated the Illuminati? I don’t know, but 500 million is an awful small number if you count all the CEO’s of all these big companies in the entire world & their direct relatives, royalty and their direct relatives, the geniuses and their families, etc.

    So what’s conspiracy? An agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act. How many conspiracies exist at one point in time? Don’t companies conspire against one another? Churches? Countries? Even regular people do this all the time.

    Is a small group of people/companies/elites conspiring against us to figure out the best way to keep us compliant and follow their ways?

    I don’t know… But I bet if we follow the money trail, we’ll end up somewhere…

  4. nikourem said

    Hello. If you can understand french, then you should have a look to my post. It will be easily interestig to you. http://nikourem.wordpress.com/2007/12/26/dieu-domine-le-debat-presidentiel-americain/

  5. honestpoet said

    Dianarn, I’m not denying the existence of a rather heartless, wealthy upperclass, nor that the heads of state and the heads of corporations conspire to keep the status quo lining their pockets.

    I’m saying they’re not the illuminati. Those folks are not enlightened. In fact, they’re so far from it that it makes the conspiracy theory that much more ridiculous. And why the hell would you lump the “geniuses” (a group I happen to belong to, and who are the ones with the intelligence — our species’ survival mechanism — most likely to come up with solutions to the problems that plague us) with the super wealthy and the politically connected? That’s ludicrous. Believe you me, my family gets no special help for my IQ. If anything, my hard-to-hide intellect gets us in trouble, since I’m not playing on their team.

    And why does everyone think that Barrack Obama has anything to do with anything? He’s no more connected than any other candidate. I still believe that it has more to do with race than most are willing to admit.

    As far as the success of the conspiracy by the upper crust to hang on to their positions, it will take a lot more than they’re capable of. Not cruelty, but organization. What these global conspiracy theories always overestimate is the ability of anyone to retain control. What I really believe is that these theories reflect our unwillingness to acknowledge the extent to which no one is driving this crazy train.

  6. Mitch said

    Anyone can be compromised with money. If you have stolen enough money to be able to give hand outs to keep people quiet, the rest won’t believe the few that propose something that conflicts with their belief system. Yes, there is an Illuminati. You have to realize that no matter how intelligent you feel from an IQ test, you still may have interpreted something incorrectly, and you may be missing out on a lot of information based on a preconceived notion.

    I can understand that you didn’t have as much enthusiasm as I did to research about this subject. The Illuminati have hidden great knowledge from us for thousands of years. Once I began to unraveling a few truths about reality, I felt a greater emphasis of their existence. They are in your face with “New World Order” phrases (and that is Order of the New World, not New Order of the World, for those who are just getting into the subject, This enslavement is nothing new, they just want to bring it into effect in ‘The New World’), satanic symbolism, their ‘gang signs’, religious phrases such as ‘amen’ (which is worshiping the Annunaki), and that sort of stuff through the mainstream. There is so much to learn that one lifetime may not be enough to understand enough about them, and what universal secrets they try to hide.

    There are defiantly a group driving this crazy train, and I only hope you are drawn to learning more about 2012, Annunaki, astrology, quantum physics, astral projection, Illumianti, and more accurate history, although you believe YOU possess the correct perspective and information.-

  7. honestpoet said

    I’ve done plenty of research, and not just stuff on the internet, which, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, is not all that reliable as a source of information, though it has its uses. I tend to prefer books, which I read plenty of, and not textbooks (which are often propaganda), but books written by people really digging in the dirt.

    And I’ve done plenty of experiential research, too. I’ve visited the astral plane, even. Recently. Your list of what I ought to learn about makes me laugh.

    There are people attempting to control things from behind the scenes, but if you think they’ve accomplished that, you’re deluded. The world, new and old, is a messy, messy place, with lots of people pushing their own agendas. What makes you think these people could have so much power? And, again, why does everyone think that Barrack Obama has something to do with this shadowy group?

    I still say it’s sublimated racism. I notice no one has touched on that subject yet, either.

  8. Monte said

    Pay no attention to what Honest Poet pretends! This is none other than the strategy of a SECRET DISCIPLE of the ILLUMINATI who is trying to CONCEAL the TRUTH!!! Conduct numerological tests on her blog posts. And remember, OBAMA is AMABO spelled backwards (which breaks down into A/MA/BO!!) Write for free booklet.

  9. honestpoet said


    Egads, I won’t be able to stop cackling all night.

    I’ve been found out!

  10. honestpoet said

    Well, today, not one but TWO readers found me by googling “Barrack Obama scum.”

    Hate much?

  11. honestpoet said

    BTW, y’all are almost making me want to vote for the man.

  12. I think you’re on the right track, but to say the Illuminati doesn’t exist is not completely true. Just track the people who attend the Council on Foreign Relations. ALL of the current candidates are involved in it, and essentially they ALL report in to the same financiers and dark lords who wanted war with Iraq, terror as a fear platform, and who’ve been involved behind every president since LBJ, at the least.

    Just track Prescott Bush’s history, associations, and companies, and everything that family has been associated with. That family is the front for the people with real power. They represent somewhat of a smoking gun. Clinton, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, ALL had direct ties.

    OBAMA and illuminati? It’s an interesting search term but what matters more is that people investigate the true background and nature of people and don’t take CNN as the truth.

    Cheers and congrats on an interesting blog.

  13. honestpoet said

    Now THAT’s a much more interesting post, but didn’t actually give me any new information, which though I find it a little more credible than the stuff involving mystical dates or aliens, is hardly proven. Thanks.

    Have you seen David Cross in Men in Black? Isn’t that a hilarious role?

    What you’re really tapping into with all these theories, if you trace them back, are a handful of men (have you watched 911 Mysteries?) involved in the neo-Nazi racist movement; it’s a deep-seated Antisemitism (and those folks hate blacks, too, don’t they). And so many Americans, who, deep down, feel the same way, buy it. It’s disgusting.

    And I mean, they really BUY it. These guys charge money so people can come hear their bi-polar rants. They’re making a killing off of Americans’ desire to have an excuse to hate.

  14. dabs said

    The world is a complex evil place where not alot makes sense. People are dying of malnutrition when we burn and throw away millions of tons of food daily that would cost fractions to send to Africa.

    Whether there is an Illuminati or not (which I believe there is by the way) does not matter. We KNOW that we are CONTROLLED by people that do not have OUR best INTERESTS at heart and David Icke has SOME overwhelming evidence to suggest that things are far from what they seem. Just read “The Biggest Secret”.

    Oh, and by the way the world is run by white people so how can Obama orchestrate a conspiracy? It is a fact that blacks have no real political power in the world and it is only “politically acceptable” for whites to have nuclear weapons…even though they were the first to use them, in an unjust fashion may I add.

    I have much more to say on the topic, but I shall leave space for another insight…

  15. honestpoet said

    Why does there have to be an Illuminati in order for there to be underhanded fascist workings? It’s time to throw away the silly ideas so the serious ones will be taken seriously.

    Exactly about Obama.

    The truth is that most illuminati nuts believe that it’s JEWS who run the world, remember, not white people. White people, the goyim, in these theories, are just puppets of the Jews, and so is Obama.

  16. Deathsdoor said

    It seems to me that very few people here really understand what “Illuminati Nuts” think, or who the “Illuminati” are. Illuminati is just another name for a group of people who gain power and control via birth, wealth, and networking. Today, all of our founding fathers would fit the description of “Illuminati”, if not in their public roles then in their personal beliefs. The general conspiracy lies in the fact that no matter where men flee to seek freedom for themselves, the imperialists follow. Free and independent people are usually productive people, and imperialists thrive only when there are plenty of faithful and determined workers to support them while they do little for themselves. This is not a viable/sustainable plan, so the imperialists have to shake things up once in a while with a nice war, and that destabilizes things enough for them to dig their claws into the wealth again. It’s just a complicated machine for stealing. As far as all the esoteric magic crap and ritual practices, it’s just there to obscure the harsh reality that you’re being exploited every second that you breath. It’s called Marketing. Now that there is no “New World” there is no more land where we can just slaughter the natives and take over. We actually have to fight facism now, instead of running from it, and Americans are no longer free or independent people. Most Americans freak out if they can’t watch their prime-time television shows. It’ll be fun to watch what happens when we find out the banks have closed forever and there is a curfew enforced by military. It will be especially fun to see the looks on the faces of all the people who make reference to “Conspiracy Nuts”. In his time, Jesus Christ was thought of as a ‘cult leader’ or ‘conspiracy nut’, but his followers founded one of the greatest religious movements in human history. They even founded a few great nations. The American game is that a perfect slave is a man who believes he’s free. The typical American is ruled entirely by the company he works for. You are free to quit and find a new master, or you are free to attempt to compete with the big box stores of the world. You are also free to compete with cheap labor from illegal immigrants and third-world outsourcing destinations. Unless you have a large measure of control and wealth, you are pretty much just a disposable resource, like the cellophane wrapper on a Twinkie snack. I’m betting that some of you conspiracy critics out there believe that you have an immortal soul. Good luck with that. Hope that you do have a soul, and that there is a God who will come save you when you’ve finished destroying your world for the sake of a few dollars and a good time. Hope that one of those gun-toting conspiracy nuts saves your life when your savage neighbors come to loot your home because they’re starving. It doesn’t take a leap of faith to see that virtually everything we see, hear, or do is part of a setup being executed by someone else for some selfish reason. In only a few years, we will be seeing the destruction wrought by things we all forget about – genetically modified foods, chemically enhanced people and animals, massive abuse of pharmaceuticals, radiactive waste management, depleted uranium ammunition, sorbitol, MSG, etc…

    Nobody needs a conspiracy nut or a historian to figure things out – just look around and educate yourself. Ask yourself, “Why are the most educated and intelligent people, in positions of power, making decisions that will lead to our ultimate destruction?” The answer might be greed, Satan, David Koresh, or some other crap, but there is no denying that the process is taking place. Personally, I hate Obama because he wants to be the President. I don’t care if he’s black or brown or orange. Nobody that wants to run this country should be allowed to do it. Besides, the President is essentially powerless. The real power lies in the hands of the people that nobody ever votes for, and politics exists primarily to serve their needs, not ours.

  17. honestpoet said

    Dude, if you’d looked around at all, you’d realize that you’re preaching to the choir. The problem I have with conspiracy nuts (and yes, there is such a thing, and you can see what they believe by researching the books they recommend so strongly, as if they were some new kind of gospel) is that they completely discredit the whole idea of conspiracy. And yes, we’re certainly in the grip of fascist conspiracy. No kidding.

    Like I said, if you’d looked around at all, you’d have seen that I’ve been going on about that since I started this blog, fascism with a veneer of theocracy. Gag me.

    But human/reptilian hybrids? Get real.

  18. dianarn said

    Two things I don’t like about Obama: #1 He is an 11th cousin to George W. Bush. #2 He is a 9th cousin once removed to Dick Cheney. That gives some interesting meaning to the theory that 40 or so out of all the Presidents were related by blood to the throne of England.

  19. honestpoet said

    You know, that really doesn’t mean much. 11th cousin? Come on…that’s pretty frickin’ distant, actually.

    If you recognize evolution or study genetics, you have to realize that we’re actually all one family.

    I sure wish we’d start acting like it.

  20. honestpoet said

    And I mean a FUNCTIONAL family, not the kind where Uncle George ends up naked while Grandpa throws empties at his head.

  21. dianarn said

    You’re right, Honestpoet, we are all ONE, but we have forgotten.

    But try telling the Queen of England an 11th cousin is not really “family.” They don’t have the royal bloodlines mapped down from thousands a year ago to the present just for giggles. And lets face it, 90% of us are not part of their “Royal” bloodline and that’s a very important fact everyone needs to know.

    So a 9th and 11th cousin to the President and the VP is not a matter that should be taken lightly. Nothing new or good should be expected if Obama becomes President.

  22. honestpoet said

    Horse-feathers. They have the bloodlines mapped down in England to justify their use of the country’s resources as “royalty.” That’s just not done here. Calling these politicians cousins implies connotations of family reunions and such. I guarantee Obama and Cheney have never eaten Thanksgiving turkey together; I can also guarantee that neither Bush nor Cheney would consider that black man family.

    My own family carries royal blood. It also carries the blood of Indians. One of my direct ancestors is a female first cousin of John Adams, our second president, but one branch of my family can’t be traced back further than a Welsh horse thief brought over when prisoners were used as labor. These relationships just don’t matter.

    If you want to look at significant relationships, it makes more sense to look at who owns what stock, or who has taken what money from which corporation. Those are the ties that bind.

  23. dianarn said

    Harold Brooks-Baker, the late Publishing Director of Burke’s Peerage and Gentry said the following during the 2000 American Presidential campaign:

    “The Presidential candidate with the greatest number of royal genes has always been the victor, without exception, since George Washington.”
    <a href=http://kentroversypapers.blogspot.com/2007/10/anyone-can-become-president-cheney-and.html’Interesting read

    But hey, why even bother… the government loves us.

  24. honestpoet said

    Diana, I know you must be a caring person, or you wouldn’t do what you do.

    I have one question for you: If the Buddha met a Jew, what would he do?

    Do you not think that your limited cultural/geographical experience might have left you with some prejudices? I know I’m a recovering racist myself. It’s really something to guard against, that relapse.

    My father (may he rest in peace) used to tell me wisely, “Believe none of what you read and half of what you see.”

    There is a middle truth between the idea that the government loves us (which is patently untrue) and this conspiracy against which you’ve leveled your hate. That is that there ARE nefarious underworkings (rooted in the marriage of industry and government, which is the opposite of what Adams intended, and which is the true definition of fascism), but there is much more chaos involved than most are comfortable with. It’s psychologically more comfortable for you to imagine that someone, even someone you can hate, is in control, than to admit that our economy could return to a time of breadlines, that bombs could go off at any moment, that some other unforeseen catastrophe (oh, I don’t know, like a huge chunk of frozen gas coming up from a damaged sea bed and greatly accelerating the warming of our planet) might happen any day.

    But at some point the intelligent must wake up to chaos and start leading, rather than hiding behind the myth that we have no control because of these boogiemen.

  25. majutsu said

    The Illuminati was a freemason group from Bavaria. Their values, like the deepest values of the craft, are the deepest mysteries of human life. The level of politics and conspiracy is the level of the small minded, those with love of money and no occult understanding whatsoever. Obama, Clinton, Romney and McCain are all ego-oriented, self-serving politicians. The only clubs they belong to further social networking, generate profit or stroke their egos. They have no spiritual capacity for the craft. If any candidate embodied Illuminati ideals of social order, it would have been Kucinich, but his performance shows that if the Illuminati had a candidate in mind, America wouldn’t be ready anyway. The Illuminati are a new age occult group about which much is known. Here is a summary of their values and the symbolism of their rites:


    Multinational corporations who ignore international and local law in wanton destruction of human lives for profit and blood lust also exist. They are organized together so as to keep the freedom they have to act as great serpents rolling around the sea as long as possible. These bastards worship Mammon, disregard the earth and life, and have nothing to do with the Illuminati.

    You all need to read the quote by Woodrow Wilson in the quotes column, and many other such quotes by our country’s leaders who knew what was going on right in front of them. The Illuminati started this country and are the spiritual life force of America. American concepts of freedom and respect for the individual generated hope for a political system that would lead to the spiritual and material development of its subjects.

    It is the Nazis who are fascist, not the Illuminati or this country’s founders. Fascism is when government is autocratic, and government is performed by and for the benefit of the largest corporations. Fascism is wrong. Bush is fascist, and America has become a fascist country, ruled by a council of a few large, tightly-held corporations. This fascism, not what our Illuminati founding fathers wanted, is why we have no personal freedom, constant war, misery and a pervasive veil of death. The fascists are also racist and anti-Semitic. By encouraging racial and religious conflict, like Hitler did, they may get people to become like ants in a fascist empire out of fear. So the people who get you to fear Obama because he is black, get you to fear shadowy jews, etc are not heroes, they are in fact re-dressed Nazis. They want to manipulate you into cooperating with their new, but familiar, Reich.

    Similarly, Communism is a faulty, dehumanizing social philosophy. They agree with the Nazis that personal freedom should be eradicated, and that the forces of spiritual enlightenment should be cut off and destroyed. The Illuminati have fought the homogeneity and degradation of Communism from day one.

    These conspiracy theories are bought by the uneducated and easily manipulated. They are full of fascism, anti-Semitism, fear and panic to the point of encouraging the tossing away of freedom for protection from the propagandized bogeyman. Quick research will show those looking for truth how the 911 conspirators and Illuminati theorists are the same three or four American and European neo-Nazi propagandists with well-known names, histories and agendas.

    Remember America why the eagle clutches what she does, why the eye is over the pyramid, and what the key is for. Remember who you are and do not let your mind fall to these hateful little people. I wish you could see how broken, ugly and mad these people are, and how beautiful, strong, free and kind the illuminated and the hopeful are. The light of the good shines from within, and so does the darkness of ugliness. Just look and see what’s coming at you, and you will know the source.

  26. […] have consistently labeled Obama as a member of the CFR in their viral marketing. All I got was this? Sorry, I don’t really know what an illuminati is? […]

  27. honestpoet said

    Just so you all know, I’m no longer publishing comments from people who subscribe to these conspiracy theories. There’s little to be profited by concourse with fools. Or, to put it another way, you can’t teach a pig to sing. It just wastes your time and irritates the pig.

    I’m beginning to wish I’d never made a post with the word “illuminati” in it, much less one with Barack Obama in the same sentence. Every day I see search results that show how obsessed a segment of our population is with this nonsense. It makes me a little sad.

    There’s real corruption in our government, and as long as people are busy with these silly ideas (human-reptilian hybrids, aliens, etc.), they aren’t looking at the real problems.

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