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Kabbalistic glyphs in Masonic Baal-guided scrying

Posted by majutsu on January 7, 2008

Session V

Since the last time I used DMT and had the realization that it was my own brain that was imposing the consistent narrative of sexuality, I realized the need to have an effective means of controlling this astral plane as well as some means of stocking it with new narratives so as not to fall back on old patterns. Relying on a stereotyped vision of reality that has always been comfortable to me, I fell back on the use of kabbalistic meditation techniques. As I understand it, the kabbalah is, most simply put, the art of viewing the universe as made entirely of atoms, but rather than like the atoms of the physical materialist being merely physical balls or entities, the kabbalist has the universe made up of vibratory thought-energy-atoms. This allows the practitioner of the kabbalah to, in theory, utilize her thought energy to manipulate matter, or to utilize matter to manipulate the practitioner’s thought energies in precise ways, and would also allow the practitioner to have special insight into reality by understanding the relationship between reality, sound, and thought at its deepest level.

When I find it necessary to pursue mystic paths, though being a physical materialistic atheist myself, I find it most satisfactory to fall back on kabbalist paths as they require the least compromise of my daily conscious beliefs. This necessity to rely on spiritual techniques despite a philosophical unwillingness to the contrary reminds me of a statement made by William Burroughs during an interview shown in the movie The Source. At one point, William Burroughs is describing the terrible physical side effects of the drink yage, which contains DMT and an MAOI. The interviewer asks why a person would punish themselves in such a manner. At this question Burroughs gets quite angry and says, “If you’re going to take yage, you take yage!” Therefore, by analogy, if you “smoke DMT, you smoke DMT!”; you may have to utilize spiritual techniques alien to your waking consciousness to have that special experience you seek. You must accept the negative as an expedient means to a joyful end. If these techniques become sufficiently and consistently useful for survival as to seem more necessary for a comprehensive world view than mere appendages of expedient means, then it becomes mandatory as a scientist to modify one’s daily beliefs and move on with a new world view. However, for now, it was still an expedient means to utilize kabbalistic techniques to begin to control the journey.

I initially thought about using the Hebrew letters, from which I learned about the kabbalah. But there is a lot of baggage with this culture’s letters, and I have always found it difficult to remember Semitic letters made of brush strokes and points. Furthermore, never really understanding the kabbalah in past study, I set about researching the origins of the Hebrew alphabet and came to learn about proto-Canaanite, proto-Sinaite, and it’s descendant Phoenician, from which we get ancient Hebrew and subsequently Biblical Hebrew. Furthermore, the Phoenician alphabet influenced the Latin (therefore the Germanic and Romance languages), Greek (Cyrillic and Slavic), Semitic (Arabic and Hebrew), and even Indian (Sanskrit) languages. It can certainly be argued to be the primal alphabet of all magical cultures and traditions of the mid-East and West. In examining the forms and glyphs of the original letters, which are quite like the Egyptian hieroglyphs by which they were inspired but from which they were not copied, or Druidic runes, the proto-Sinaitic glyphs and those chronologically before are quite clear as to what they represent in nature. An ox is quite clearly the head of an ox, etc. While there is some occasional argument, for example as in gimel, as to whether it is a crescent, camel or boomerang, the use of any one of these will suffice, and a narrative that links all three will suffice as well if that suits the experience better. I set about using the Phoenician alphabet because it is well-standardized, whereas the prior alphabets require some interpretation and reconstruction subject to the investigator’s personal bias, well defined (due to the survival of a fair number of scripts over time), and while the identity of some letters is in question still, by combining the interpretation of previous reconstructions, I found it possible to settle on a personally satisfying explanation for each glyph. There is also tremendous agreement over time as to the meaning of some letters, for example, Mem, as ‘water’. I set about learning the Phoenician alphabet and it’s letter signs and associating them with the Hebrew, which gave me great inspiration as to how Hebraic and Arabic scripts, and Semitic scripts in general, function. After sufficient practice with the glyphs over days, I was ready to scry.

I then prepared a dose of DMT in scrying range ~ 50mg. I took a small warming dose to make sure I could control the imagery of the letters through a slight rush. Then I took a deeper dose. On doing so I entered into a psychedelic space, but a very comfortable one. The sense of a being was there, same as before, but only as a helpful guiding female voice, not visually. I could peer through a triangular doorway into another world made of a pale blue sky with a pillar of white, non-stormy, fluffy clouds at the center, like a UFO of clouds. There were multiple psychedelic rainbows dripping from the entry way. It was the epitome of blue sky and peace. I realized I was peering through the shape of daleth like a doorway. I heard the voice urge me to try other letters and I did. Each one opened up another hallucinogenic space. For example, vav opened up a flaming yellow desert-like hallucinogenic space, with burning orange trails, a hot Mars-like environment. Shin opened up a crystalline world, each of the three points serving as seeds of extensive crystallization. At one point I utilized lamed and had a beautiful vision, which does escape me, because it wasn’t anchored with the symbol’s meaning, which I couldn’t remember at that moment. Now I remember it means ‘goad,’ ironically. I had remembered the letter by a mnemonic with ‘L’, so the voice chided me in the future not to utilize such mnemonic tricks and to remember the meanings. I nodded. As usual, she reminded me not to criticize myself overly much, assured me of universal love and benevolence, and encouraged me to move on to other glyphs. I moved on to mem with great success. By the time I reached nun, I could feel the effect of the neurotransmitter beginning to leave. With characteristic and usual sadness, I wished I could never go. She encouraged me to practice as long as I could, especially as the drug was leaving, so the ability might stay more permanently. I did so until the scrying no longer had the sense of reality, but pushed fantasy. I came to and delivered this narrative.

I feel I was encouraged by the female spirit of DMT to continue using kabbalistic meditation techniques based on the Phoenician alphabet of 22 letters as doorways to different hallucinogenic spaces. I saw them as vibratory spaces or levels, co-existent, adjacent or interwoven with our own, somehow participating or interacting with ours on a perpetual basis in some important manner. My questions now are what are the nature of these spaces? What is the nature of their interaction with our space? And how is mastery, control or vision of these spaces useful to my character, development, or identity as a human being? I suspect the answer to the latter question is probably the easiest. To know the real situation one is in is always of greatest value.


5 Responses to “Kabbalistic glyphs in Masonic Baal-guided scrying”

  1. honestpoet said

    Yeah, hon, so much for convincing anyone we’re not in the Illuminati.

    Seriously, this seems like good work you’re doing. (Cleaning our daughter’s room today was good work, too. Thanks for both.)

  2. “The Phoenician alphabet influenced the Latin (therefore the Germanic and Romance languages), Greek (Cyrillic and Slavic), Semitic (Arabic and Hebrew), and even Indian (Sanskrit) languages. It can certainly be argued to be the primal alphabet of all magical cultures and traditions of the mid-East and West. In examining the forms and glyphs of the original letters, which are quite like the Egyptian hieroglyphs by which they were inspired but from which they were not copied, or Druidic runes, the proto-Sinaitic glyphs and those chronologically before are quite clear as to what they represent in nature?”


    My research revolves around the uses of quicksilver by the Ancients. The capabilities of mercury (Hg) were many. However the manufacture of quality mirrors was its highest purpose. These mirrors also had many applications. The lest of which was to admire ones self. The most useful mirrors were in an ancient long range communication device that is currently called a heliograph (sun-talk). The details of this ancient communications system are found in my Book Quicksilver Key
    In the enclosed document, I exposed the links between several ancient civilizations through a heliographic, alphanumeric, code system. This type of communication net work was used by most of the early high ancient cultures. However differences can be observed in the codes used such as the differences between the Hebrew/Greek code and the Ugaritic Cuneiform or the Celtic’s Oghams heliographic codes.

    After you have carefully reviewed my finding, give them a final test. Employ my symbolisms of each character of the Hebrew alphabet: by defining 22 simple words. The assemblage of these concepts will be in riddle form at lest from a 21st century point of view. However the current definitions are the key to these riddles. This concept will also help to explain, “the mind set” of the people of that time.

    Here is an example the Hebrew word “Zakar”: a male or boy child. The heliographic riddle is: . ZAIN- remember, CAPH- the container, VAV, mercy in judgment, RESH- To know the sum of the evidence. Redefined for the 21st century: remember the wombs mercies by giving a son not a daughter, because boys were more highly prized than girls.

    Cheers and have fun

    Howard West

  3. majutsu said

    I really enjoyed your comments and your blog. I have a couple of questions, then a request:

    1) I saw the Quran on your site. Are you Muslim? If so, I’m very happy you dropped by, very cool. Either way, you are clearly using the Quran spiritually. I would like to know more about this, as it is not usually done. I am of course aware of the Sufis, but know of know other well-developed Islamic mystical traditions. I’m sure it is my ignorance. Please enlighten me.

    2) Love the Veves. Nice mention. Sort of like Joseph Campbell in your desire to unify the mythic experience. I tend to work tools rather pedantically like a plumber. I like the approach you have, very interesting to me.

    The request:

    Do you have a simple summary of the kabbalah and sephiroth without the trans-myth associations, streamlined, just the “current definitions” as you say. I’m having a hard time seeing the forest for the trees.

    Here is my mythos:


    Here are my basic letters, paths, and definitions:


    Those two articles sum up where I’m at. Do you have a simple summary so I have something to hang the details on? I would like to have fruitful exchange.

    And one more VERY IMPORTANT question: How do you practice? This is all well and good to understand, but dogma is religion, not the action necessary for spiritual practice. In the kabbalah, we make golem. Can you help to make a golem? What would that mean to you? If not the golem, how do you practice?

  4. Excellent! I wish there were more pages like yours! Really excellent material, thanks!

    • majutsu said

      I’m glad you liked it. Honestpoet and I were POWs in Plato’s cave the last few months, but we broke out Rambo-style! We should be back in full force here again. 🙂 Hope to see you participate.

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