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Song of Solomon is the only part of the Bible that should be read

Posted by majutsu on January 13, 2008

Kabbalah notes:

The schechinah is a female spirit , who as a symbol generated by the unconscious, ties together the various aspects or modalities of the mind. The kabbalah is the itemization of the mind’s modalities, so as to gain both self-knowledge and control of the self. Many of the letters or paths of the kabbalah take the form of abstractions of sexual relations with the schechinah or abstractions of her sexual anatomy. Whether a man or woman is the practitioner, the inner self, or the schechinah, is this divine female, and one’s divinity is attained by imitating her divine intercourse with the lord of the universe. She is in constant loving embrace with the world. As she says, “His left hand is under my head, and his right hand embraces me.” The earth, symbolized by a bull, without mind, is dead. This is why when you first meet the schechinah she is alone and yearning, a widowed goddess, for the earth cannot be seen as a lord without her love. “By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loves: I sought him, but I found him not.” But it is the love and activity of the schechinah for her lover that returns him to life, joins he and she together in the joyous dance that is the mind at play and in love with the earth.

Below is the elucidation of some paths or energies in my meditations:

Daleth- Door. Understanding. Entry into the temple where one is taught by the schechinah.
Mem – Water. Breast milk. Pain and loss. Tears. Her crying face with her absent lover, keening. That which ties us to life, also the joy and nourishment of existence, food, plants and animals for food, clothing, medicine, and spirituality.
Peh – Mouth. Fellatio. Aggressiveness, drive. Taking over, domination. Energy to do tasks.
Shin – Tooth. The fangs of criticism and self-abrogation. Trial. The harsh aspects of life and nature.

It is clear that the Bible does contain a mystical system. The Song of Solomon is probably the clearest and most accessible pathway to understand the coherent and effective mystical tradition that is behind the poetry of the Bible. The danger of misapplying the remainder of the Bible into aberrant and irrational attitudes that are destructive to self and others is so high, that I believe nothing should be read except the Song of Solomon until that poem is understood. If you read the Song of Solomon and it doesn’t make perfect sense to you, then you should put the Bible away and not read another word of it for a long time. Go meditate, learn, study, love, live. Read the poem only when you are drawn to it because you have already seen it manifested in your own heart. Otherwise, don’t touch that potentially poisonous book of difficult poems. The Song of Solomon is a gate keeper for the rest of the kabbalah. If this path, which is not generic or advantageous to all, does not work for you, there is still the beauty of life, poems to chant, songs to sing and mountains to climb, but to misapply deep unconscious symbols to reality, like fundamentalists apply bad theology to worse politics, is as dumb as spending today the money you dreamed you had last night. It won’t work, and it disrespects the schechinah to such an extent that the mental damage may be hard if not impossible to undue.


3 Responses to “Song of Solomon is the only part of the Bible that should be read”

  1. Alex Burke said

    Nice post. The past two nights I’ve had vivid dreams wherein I visited, or shall I say, “communed” with what I would compare or call this schechinah. More research is needed, but as I’ve just started reading through a prose copy of the bible the past two nights, maybe I’ll take your advice and meditate on Song of Songs. I’ll let you know what I gather tomorrow

  2. majutsu said

    This is very good. I find it surprising that male and female adepts of different cultures tend to see a female spiritual guide. Perhaps its more about childbirth and midwifing than lust or sexist assumptions. I humbly offer you to read the article on “True Doctrine of the Illuminati” on this web page. It’s really a sensationalist title to make fun of the Illuminati conspirators of the US presidential election. But it actually is a synthesis of world mythology up to its point of packaging in the Bible and the Kabbalah. As a modernist, I doubt the existence of Gods, and believe these symbols to be psychological, not material, entities. But one can still derive a greater value from Biblical meditation as a believer with this knowledge of the historical origins of these symbols in a particular Canaanite people of a particular place and time. The historical knowledge can be acquired without assumptions of theism or atheism. The Song of Solomon is a deep reworking of the divine feminine of Anat, consort of the Lord, in a monotheistic context. Please share any discoveries you may have, as they may help myself and others! Mysticism tends to be what all faiths have in common, and there she is. 🙂

  3. alli said

    This inspired me to use my own affirmation :”I and my beloved are one.” Not an exact quote, but better as an affirmation to become one with all.

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