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True Doctrine of the Illuminati

Posted by majutsu on January 13, 2008

The True Doctrine of the Illuminati

The true doctrine of the Illuminati lies in the appreciation of the perpetual life-giving wisdom of the mythology and symbolism of the religion of the ancient Near East. The term “ancient Near East” encompasses the early civilizations in the region roughly corresponding to that described by the modern term Middle East (Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria), during the time roughly spanning the Bronze Age, from 6000-4000BC. The basis of these stories is the Baal cycle. The Baal stories were a Canaanite group of stories regarding Baal/Hadad, Lord of the Earth. The stories were found on clay tablets in the 1920s in the Tell of Ugarit, carved in Ugaritic, a cuneiform alphabet.

The stories as a whole have a central tale to tell involving three characters in particular: Baal Hadad, Yam/Mot, and Anat. Baal Hadad is the lord of the earth. He represents matter. Yam is the god of the waters and the god of death. In Mesopotamia, floods from the rivers were the source of famine, plague and death. Yam is therefore often seen as a great watery serpent, as Leviathan in the Bible, for example. Anat is the queen of heaven, the mother of fertility and source of life energy and sexuality. In mystical traditions, she represents the mystical mind, the guide, and the source of self-transformation.

Yam wished to rule over the gods. In order to do so, he would have to depose Baal from his throne. He changed his name to Mot, meaning drought or death, and attacked Baal. As this tale is a version of the spring cycle, Mot is also winter, or the absence of heat. Baal then seeks to subjugate Mot and invites him to dine. He tries to make Death (Mot) accept a meal of bread and wine, which Death, the eater of human flesh, finds offensive. In fact, when Christians eat bread and wine, they are celebrating that in the end, Baal’s (Christ’s) victory over Mot (Death) was permanent. Death demands flesh, even the flesh and life of Baal. Baal mates with a cow so as to produce a young bull, his only son, whom he dresses in his clothes to take his place. This is why the horns of a bull or ox represent Baal. This is the reason the Hebrew kabbalah begins with aleph, the ox, as does the Hebrew alphabet. This is also the reason the English alphabet begins with ‘A’, short for Aleph, the ox, and is an upside-down bull’s head. This is also why the Illuminati make a sign of a bull’s horns with the hand. This is the mis-named “devil’s sign” or the “rock ‘n roll sign” as well. Baal, after sending his bull-son, decides to hide in the land of the dead. This story resurfaces later in history as Jesus’s descent into hell.

Anat, the wife and consort of Baal, on finding the dead bull, prepares for the funeral of Baal. Afterwards, she descends upon Mot with vengeance. Anat finds Mot, cleaves him with a sword, burns him with fire, and throws his remains on the field for the birds to eat. This is why Anat is represented by the letter shin, the tooth or the cutting blades. This same letter remains as ‘W’, two teeth or blades, in the English language. Anat destroys death, but is saddened by the loss of her lord.

Then Baal comes back. The lovers are reunited in embrace and there is permanent victory over Death. Mot returns, but has been so weakened he is forced to agree to rule only part of the year and to always allow spring (Baal) to return. Furthermore, he is required to stay in the river banks and be controlled and confined to certain seasons and cycles that the ancients could count on. Mot is represented by Mem, water, in the Hebrew alphabet. This letter persists as the letter ‘M’ in English, which is a picture of two crests of waves on water.

Mot is also associated with reptilian imagery. It is not the worship of reptilian overlords that is going on, but the celebration of victory over death. The Canaanites were the originators of this religious symbolism. The Phoenicians were coastal-dwelling Canaanites who spread their alphabet (which was embedded religious symbolism) and their myths to the cultures they traded with. Canaanite mystical culture is therefore embedded in the Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and Greek mystery schools, and African religious traditions to this day. For example, the Minoan snake goddess is a representation of Anat’s victory over Mot, as the bare-breasted goddess clutches one or more dominated snakes. Christ is depicted as crushing the serpent under his heel [as are Mother Mary and St. Patrick].

The Illuminati accept this parable of human existence as taught by the reality of being on a rotating earth with the cycle of the seasons. The Illuminati are formed by no one. They are, as Timothy Leary suggested, self-appointed, self-taught, and self-motivated. The shared philosophy arises from mystical experience and understanding human history and mythology. It does appear that all useful scientific change and progress in human history was accomplished deliberately only by those with this holistic and humanistic view of self-divinity, self-achieved. But this transformation to greatness was most of time only impeded by others, certainly not encouraged or orchestrated by them. It was only those with fearlessness and confidence that all knowledge and contentment lay open to them with work who could possibly have the courage to make a difference.

The Freemasons have this knowledge. They acquired it from the Phoenicians on Malta when the Knight’s Templar’s were stationed there. They understand that you meet Anat in the inner temple which you have to prepare for her. This makes you, in their symbolism, like Hiram, the builder of the Temple of Jerusalem, and this is why building implements are their emblems. They also study the kabbalah and the Baal cycle using Christian replacement terms at times.

The Gnostic Christians have this knowledge too. They see Mary Magdalene as the Anat, and Christ as Baal. They make the knowledge of Baal’s (Jesus’s) son a secret knowledge gained from initiation. Baal on the throne in glyphs is represented as tau, the mark of the king, an ‘X’ or ‘T’ above a round head. This is why the cross, the letter ‘t’ in English, represents the risen Christ, or re-throned Baal, or the triumphant cycle of spring and hope. This is also why the illiterate still mark contracts with an ‘X’ or mark in many countries to this day.

There is a small cabal, or group, of Jews who have this knowledge, the cabala, or kabbalah. They inherited it from the Phoenicians in the form of proto-Sinaitic, then paleo-Hebrew letters and culture. The Hebrew alphabet is identical in number and shape to the proto-Sinaitic alphabet of the story of the Baal cycle. These stories and truths are retained in full in the Hebrew mystical tradition, the kabbalah.

This is the truth about the Illuminati. We believe that people are free, in divine intercourse with the universe. We believe you should approach the earth as a loving partner, with joy and passion. We believe that there is only this dance of mind and matter, and no ghosts or demons we can’t see have victory or dominion over us. Our choices, our actions and the moralities we live by are all completely free and self-determined. We look forward to a day when all people share in victory over fear, death, and powerlessness, and live in harmony with the earth, in joy.

There is talk that the Illuminati worships death and war. There is an association between this secret knowledge, the worship of Baal, and war, not because mystical knowledge glorifies murder, but because the alphabet was largely spread by the Phoenicians because it was so successful in conscripting foreign soldiers with unusual-sounding names or identifying goods for trade in ledgers when there was no word for these goods in your tongue. War, conquest, and financial assimilation are the main reasons why we have language and religion around the world. Baal is recognized as the father of war. But in this way, war is symbolic for all technology and scientific knowledge, much of which, like radar, came from war, but may be used for good or evil indiscriminately, like all tools.

However, anyone who plots death or destruction or erases the human spirit is not Illuminati. Those who spin anti-Semitic paranoid plots are the real servants of death, the real snake people. It is only by seeing the brotherhood of man, the commonality of human experience, that we can all be free of pain, hunger, poverty, death and fear one day.

6 Responses to “True Doctrine of the Illuminati”

  1. honestpoet said

    Thanks so much for making this important post, Maj.

    I think it’s necessary to clarify, however, that the victory over death does not actually involve eternal life for the individual, as Christians and others insist.

    It involves living free of the fear of death, so that one can actually live presently, in the here and now, fully integrated with the Universe rather than spending one’s life looking over one’s shoulder, more concerned with Death than with Life.

  2. majutsu said

    Psalm 74:13: “And you divided Yam by your might.”

    Job 3:5: “May darkness and the shadow of Mot claim it.”

    Many people who claim to read and understand the Bible are clueless as to its mystical and cultural context. How can they explain quotes like the above from the Hebrew? What really going on in that book versus what some political authority (the church) says is going on in that book? Maybe the book has nothing to do with God, worship or life after death at all . . .

    p.s. I love spending life reflecting with you on this glorious dance with the universe. I love you forever. I would be worried about sickening people with this talk, but we all know no one reads things that don’t have to do with politics, celebrities, accepted religions, or tragedy. I do think it’s important to realize instead that the most important thing in life is love. Loving you takes me outside myself and fulfills me in emptying me at the same time. I know you feel the same way. I try to be grateful for everything I have and focus less on what doesn’t fit my circumscribed ideas of the way things should be as I age. I told you yesterday that the past six months has taught me that passion and comfort are highly overrated. I trying to look at each day as a chance to live more wisely.

    Maybe following love is a better plan than reading old books in languages you don’t speak, written for a culture you don’t share, about mystical interpretations of stories you don’t know. You probably would have better luck finding enlightenment by reading the phone book backwards and interpreting it in terms of the Tom and Jerry cartoon canon (which is a very productive mystical path, by the way. What other church has sticks of dynamite and cheap anvils for sale in the church gift shop? None, right?).

  3. honestpoet said

    Well, I can think of one religion’s gift shop that would have explosives, but I think they prefer C-4.

    And I love you, too.

  4. Khadra said

    Hey the Illuminati basis its doctrines on ancient Egyptian/Phoenician/Babylonian religion which started from Nimrod son of Cush in Babylon and the Tower of Babel. Nimrod was the son of Cush son of Noah and a grand-nephew to Shem who killed him for his actions against YHVH. The Illuminati wants the sons of Japheth (Indo-Europeans/Asiatics) and Shem (Semites: Arabs/Jews, Assyrians/Armaneans) to bow under the sons of Ham (Cushites: Modern day Horn of Africans and Canaanites to rule the world or at least be descendant of them.

  5. hey..this article is so nice…i have truly understand now what illuminati is…for such reasong…i don’t know since my friend told me about illuminati i’ve been very hooked to it…
    i thought illuminti was a nice thing….but based on what i’ve red on this article..its not that good though..there intention might be not that bad, but sitll they are spreading a satanic signs.. even there members like lady gaga…from her name “GAGA” its not good…”GAGA” means an emptiminded…well she just shows that she has ben controlled by something or someone,,,just look at her fashion statement..its very annoying and very robotic..robots were controlled by human, while Lady GAGA is being controlled by DEMON i think..THe shocking thing is that lady gaga was just new in the music world..yet she is very famous now…how come would that be….Madonna is the other one…they said that Madonna offerd her soul to the demon…

  6. when i go to a gift shop, i always look for cute little stuffed animals and other cute stuffs'””

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