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When is Humanity Going to Get That We’re All in This Together?

Song of Anat

Posted by majutsu on January 15, 2008

Please abandon fear. Realize that everyone is divine. We all live in a world spun of language, imagery, and sheer vibration emanating from us that we embed in every vase, wall, plant or animal around us. These beings, the company we keep in our heads and in the world we choose to live in, are fabricated out of the music of our hearts. The song we sing from the center of our skulls, deep in the pituitary, pumping out serotonin, neuroepinephrine, dopamine like a giant umbrella of psychedelic eminence, radiating pastel skies, rage, sadness and joy in undulating protrusions. Not only does this song ring in our ears as sound, but sings in our eyes as light, and our nose as smell. Hormonal waves ripple emotion and physical throbbing through our bodies in cycles of minutes, hours and years. We do yoga all day, how we hold our spine, whether we look down in command, surveying our creation in confidence, or look up in awe, mothered by the great divine. Small to large we are a continuous pole of vibration living in a world of vibrating beings, some made by us, some made by others. We are also made by others, and our children spiritual and physical make others. We are one and we are many, carving each other with our song. Remember we are free to move. We are free to be crazy. We are free to smash myths. We are free to give sex to all beings, as many or as few as we desire, to sing of love as we please. We are also free to break morals, to lie, to cheat, to take without permission from those screaming in pain. Or instead, we are free to plant love, to raise all up to be the radiant stars of divinity they are but have forgotten. The cultural symbols of the past drift through us like seaweed along with our personal song waving through the waters of life we shroud ourselves in. Despite your habits and your wrappings, your bonds, remember your freedom. Sex is rhythm, work is rhythm, breathing is rhythm, let your song and your love be pure. Rise queen. Rise king. Take to your throne as lord of the universe. You are god. Sing into being a world of beauty. Your lover is waiting for you to remember who you are. Break through that wall, overcome that hurdle, abandon that fear, cut loose those chains. Remember who you are. You are god. Sing loudly. Sing strong. Sing peace. Sing so no one lies in any gutter, no one falls in any fear, no one trembles afraid, unloved. To let a soul go down unloved is the only sin I know, because you failed as the lord to not create beauty and peace. To let such wrong blacken your world is to throw down your crown and roll in the despair of amnesia. A divine being powerless to sing love deep into the four directions? I love you and I miss you so much, my great one. Arise and take your crown. Dispense your song and dance your dance. Beat the drum of your world loudly, for you are god.


5 Responses to “Song of Anat”

  1. Monte said

    Wonderful, rich tapestry of life!
    I wonder (I have no point to make here) how this strikes you:

    “There is no room in love for fear. Well-formed love banishes fear. Since fear is crippling, a fearful life . . . is one not yet fully formed in love.”

    I see in myself a huge connection between fear and love. When I am afraid, I wound others and myself. When I am not afraid, I love to love.

  2. Monte said

    There are so many mysteries here. In grad school, as a musician, I studied acoustics and have been mystified by it ever since.

    There is no sound. We live amidst trillions of waves of energy, held together by trillions of charges of energy, thinking our thoughts with trillions of signals of energy. Our ears, when buffeted by certain kinds of compression waves, send records of this buffeting to our brains, which concoct something in our heads that we call sound. But sound itself doesn’t exist externally to the brain.

    As with light. Trillions of frequencies of energy strike an object; the object absorbs some portion of them and reflects others. And in those frequencies that work with our eyes, we observe that all the frequencies in a certain bandwidth have been absorbed except one, which our brains decide to turn into what we call color. It isn’t what it really is; it is how our brains describe it. It isn’t even what the light upon it is; it is only the light that it wouldn’t absorb – that part of light which it most clearly isn’t.

    I learned this week that during the industrial revolution, people made steam engines long before they understood why they worked: there was no concept called energy until later.

    And I thought of Einstein, only a little while later, thinking that everything is the same thing.

    And I thought of God, whose first act of creation is to “say” (in the deafness of an airless universe), “Let there be light.” Of course, Bible writers had no word for what we now call “energy,” nor, in the moment they described, were there eyes or brains to read vibrations and concoct inner colors.

    And I think of the last place, the “heavenly Jerusalem” – whatever that may mean – where there is no need of light, for God itself is its light. And I think of Paul saying, “Now we see but a dim reflection, as in a mirror, then we shall see face to face.” Indeed – literally – all we see is a reflection. What might then mean?

    There is a vast mysticism to all this. I feel like a baby with a rattle, blinking, barely making any sense at all, at the edges of the universe.

  3. honestpoet said

    Exactly. Which is why agnosticism makes so much sense to me now. When we are honest with ourselves in our understanding of the universe, we should be like “babies before they’ve learned to smile.” (from the Tao Te Ching)

    You are a lovely man, though, Monte, struggling as you do with your inherited faith, finding the gold there and sharing it with your brethren (so many of whom apparently miss it). Especially since you do so clearly understand how the world, and our brains in them, work. You make a lie of Richard Dawkins’s supposition in *Unweaving the Rainbow* that if the world were demystified (if folks understood science), they could eschew their need for spirit.

    As to your first post, I think that’s why America has become such a hateful place. Everyone’s been made to feel so afraid. It really is time to cast off that oppressive blanket and stand in the light of love. The War on Terror in practice has been a War on Love. It’s time to find another way. I think it’s time for some civil disobedience, some non-violent protest that goes beyond signing petitions and blogging and bumper stickers. We Americans need to unite, to recognize unity in diversity and realize a true democracy of tolerance (liberty and justice for all, o my!). That won’t happen as long as the government is allowed to disregard the Constitution, habeas corpus, etc.

  4. majutsu said

    Monte, Jerusalem is in your heart. The temple of Jerusalem is your soul. You must rebuild it to the glory of God. When built, the cherubim will sing and the fragrance will rise to the heights. You are Christ. Your sufferings, your weakness have been like nails in your palm sending you in pain to oblivion, to walk through hell itself. It is time to roll aside the rock and arise. That’s all. You’ve read the script 😉 just act your part. After all, it’s not really your choice. You were brought here to do this, to read this now, to drop your funeral rags and join the body of Christ.

    Have fun. That’s what joy means.

  5. honestpoet said

    I get the feeling that like me Monte manages a fair amount of joy, but that, also like me, his enjoyment of the world and himself is too often hindered by the perception of injustice.

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