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When is Humanity Going to Get That We’re All in This Together?

Does President Bush have Brain Damage?

Posted by honestpoet on February 4, 2008

Seriously, I think maybe his years of drug and alcohol abuse, combined with the stress of the job, have left him with some serious impairments. We watched some videos of him speaking and interacting recently, and his inability to keep his train of thought, his inappropriate use of humor, and his sheer lack of attention, really make him seem so. Majutsu tells me there are some people who believe he is, in fact, mentally impaired, if not mentally ill.

I remember watching Reagan all those years ago and thinking the same thing, that the man was not all there. And it did turn out that he was suffering the beginnings of Alzheimer’s syndrome.

I would love to hear from people in the medical field on this one. Doesn’t Pres. Bush seem like he’s a bit off in the head? It’s embarrassing to have this man represent the country.


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