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We’ve Escaped!

Posted by honestpoet on February 25, 2008

We’ve been offline, relocating about 1,500 miles to the north. We no longer live in the Buckle of the Bible Belt (or anywhere near it). Now we’re in an area where tolerance of diversity is a value, where intellectual freedom is a given, where education is a priority rather than a threat to religious faith.

I look forward to the transformation this will bring about in our lives and in my work (and in our very selves, for I’m certain that one’s location has a bigger affect than we realize on one’s sense of self). We’d lived in our former city in Louisiana for almost ten years. I knew going into it that it wasn’t going to be a comfortable cultural fit. We’ve chosen our new home with the culture in mind. I’m so glad our children are going to be able to come of age here, rather than there.


3 Responses to “We’ve Escaped!”

  1. Monte said

    Congratulations! Hope you love it.

  2. Monte said

    And you might enjoy this, from the very funny blog “Stuff White People Like”
    Threatening to move to Canada

  3. honestpoet said

    Thanks, Monte. Too funny.

    Yes, Maj. and I are happy to be close to the border.

    We actually don’t want to move to Canada (we did our research), but it’d be better than Mexico. And we’re looking forward to showing the kids another culture.

    We’ve decided that the warm weather down there makes people bored and lazy & that’s why they feel the need to get into other people’s business. Here, it’s such a piece of work to do one’s laundry at the laundromat or to get one’s groceries, with this weather, that folk just don’t have time or energy for that sort of nonsense.

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