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The DNC Are a Bunch of Fools

Posted by honestpoet on March 16, 2008

Here’s a BBC article to ponder. It’s about the confusion in Florida over the primary and whether or not they’ll be able to have their delegates at the convention. It seems there’s a power struggle between the national party and the Florida dems over control.

I didn’t think they could do it, but I’m afraid they’re going to hand it to the Grand Old Poopheads AGAIN. I’m afraid we’re going to end up with McCain, with his crazy ideas and lack of understanding of personal freedom, just because the Democrats can’t get their heads out of their heinies long enough to see past next week. I’m so exasperated.


3 Responses to “The DNC Are a Bunch of Fools”

  1. Monte said

    Uh-huh. Screwballs.
    By the way, I discovered this week that McCain has the highest presidential support rating of any senator: 95% pro-Bush in Senate voting. His reputation as a maverick is earned by a couple of hi-visibility issues which were pursued with an abrasive style.

  2. honestpoet said

    Not only is he a yes-man, but he wants to prohibit all sorts of things. He wanted to make various fighting styles illegal, including boxing. He scares me with his clear desire to legislate our lives. He’s not just a Republican…he’s an anti-Libertarian.

  3. Monte said

    Oh, and this week I discovered he is officially the most often absent member of the Senate. Wonder if he clears brush?

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