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PUMA Needs to Get It’s Collective Head Out of Its Arse

Posted by honestpoet on September 2, 2008

Some of the commentaries on this youtube video are really disturbing. Apparently McCain’s shallow attempt to appeal to disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters is working. I’m so depressed! Are some women so stupid that they think anyone with a vagina is the same as any other? Ms. Palin is a theocrat of the worst kind: against reproductive rights, opposed to abortion even in cases of rape and incest; for banning same-sex marriage with a constitutional amendment; and for teaching creationism in schools in blatant violation of the anti-establishment clause of the first amendment to our constitution. (Don’t get me started on her willingness to abuse power or her environmental record.) Apparently she not only doesn’t know much about anything to do with national government, she doesn’t know much about what our founders intended our government to do.

I’m not crazy about Barrack Obama or Joe Biden, but they beat the heck out of an idiot who graduated near the bottom of his class and whose claim to heroism starts and ends with getting shot down and surviving torture and a beauty-pageant contestant who seems to care more about producing children than raising them.

These PUMA (here’s the wikipedia article on this PAC) fools need to remember what Sen. Clinton stands for, and it’s not a woman in office by any means necessary! It matters WHICH woman, and most importantly, a woman who thinks rather than bending over for big business or following the Bible instead of the Constitution.


2 Responses to “PUMA Needs to Get It’s Collective Head Out of Its Arse”

  1. honjii said

    Are some women so stupid that they think anyone with a vagina is the same as any other?

    I’m amazed at the remarks I’ve overheard in public and read on the net. People (of both genders) who weren’t totally on board with McCain admit to having been won over by his choice of running mate. I think people in general are showing increasing stupidity. I don’t know if it’s because Bush lowered the bar, I’m noticing it more, or they’re adding stupid juice to municipal water supplies. It scares me that McCain and Palin are very likely to be the new King and Queen of Stupid to occupy the White House.

  2. honestpoet said

    I’m afraid they may be, too.

    I think it’s a combination of stupidity (which has always been rampant, but has indeed gotten worse as time goes by and people read less and less) and fear: fear of a black man, fear of someone who “might be” Muslim, etc. Ugh! I’m frustrated beyond belief.

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