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Matt Damon on Sarah Palin Having the Nuclear Codes

Posted by honestpoet on September 11, 2008

I liked Matt Damon as Loki in Dogma, which is one of my favorite movies (like that was a tough guess). Now I really love him. Here he is on YouTube, expressing how absurd it is that Sarah Palin is as close to becoming President as she is. He compares it to a bad Disney movie, which I think nails it. (Kudos to Kate for finding this one.)


7 Responses to “Matt Damon on Sarah Palin Having the Nuclear Codes”

  1. beema said

    Barack Obama enlists Bill Clinton, George Bush, Matt Damon and Kanye West to rebut and deflect the ‘lipstick issue’. Check out the video here, http://beema.wordpress.com/2008/09/11/lipstick-gate/.

  2. honestpoet said

    There IS no “lipstick issue.” What a bunch of retards you are. The “lipstick on a pig” comment had nothing to do with sexism or Sarah Palin, despite her moronic joke about bulldogs in makeup. It’s a colloquialism that you morons ought to know, since McCain has used it himself. In this video, he uses it, in May of this year, talking about Hillary Clinton. I love how he says that he doesn’t like to use the phrase, then uses it. Who does he think he is, Cicero? (I guess that allusion is over your head, if you support a big lying idiot like McCain.)

  3. Charles Goodson said

    I always liked Matt Damon, I always thought he was agreat actor. But after watching his total disrespect of Sara Palin, I now think he is a Democratic, Socialist, Neo-Nazi Hack. To make light of the fact that she is from a small town and was Mayor of that town, calls any one from small towns hicks. Then to make a mockery of the State of Alaska, that just did it for me. I can honostly say, Matt Damon is no longer a great actor. He is a pretender………

  4. honestpoet said

    You don’t make any sense. What does his opinion of her have to do with his acting ability? You’re simply offended that he thinks she’s ridiculously inexperienced for the political position that she seeks…and she is. He didn’t actually call everyone from small town a hick. He didn’t even call her a hick. He simply pointed out that she was mayor of a small town, which is hardly experience qualifying her for the position that puts her a heartbeat away from the presidency.

  5. totomacute said


    Yes, OBAMA still has not made himself clear enough about his birth certificate. He also could only attend school in Indonesia, when Muslims were the only ones allowed to got to school then. Why does he sttuter when he is going to say he is a christian??? Just be honest and say:” I am Muslim”.
    Everybody voted for Obama, but did they really investigate who he was??

  6. totomacute said

    Also, is he with Israel or against ?

    Why did Omar Gadaffi, from Lybia said Obama was a Muslim?

    Does anybody know who is Omar Gadaffi (i=

  7. honestpoet said

    I’m not sure why I even bothered to approve your comments, since you’re clearly one of those fools who believes whatever negative things reinforce their own prejudices. An official copy of his birth certificate HAS been produced by Hawaii. This is stupid, and so are you.

    And so what if he WERE Muslim? He’s not, but what if he were? Would that disqualify him? No. So shut up about it already.

    And why assume I’d curse? You’re not rational. Go away.

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