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McCain’s Health Care Plan and How It Could Affect Your Paycheck

Posted by honestpoet on September 16, 2008

If you’ve got employer-paid health-care coverage, McCain wants to tax those benefits, and it will mean less money in your paycheck. Check out this article in the NY Times. McCain is looking to dismantle the current system and turn it into more of a free market.

For starters, the McCain health plan would treat employer-paid health benefits as income that employees would have to pay taxes on.

“It means your employer is going to have to make an estimate on how much the employer is paying for health insurance on your behalf, and you are going to have to pay taxes on that money,” said Sherry Glied, an economist who chairs the Department of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

It’s pretty frightening. Seems he thinks the unfettered market is working so well (excuse me?), he wants to apply these discredited economic ideas to the health-care market, and it’s the average worker who’s going to suffer if he’s allowed to do it.

Considering that McCain has admitted he doesn’t understand economics, I don’t get why he thinks he knows enough to tamper with our health care provider system. Oh, that’s right: he’s an arrogant prick.


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