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Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Posted by honestpoet on September 16, 2008

Here’s an excellent bit from The Huffington Post about the difference between Obama and Oh Bomb ‘Em (I mean McCain) and their approach to foreign relations. Robert McElvaine asks the very good question, “Who’s the Christian?” The answer is clearly “Obama.” And he makes the point that those who’d bomb first, ask questions later should really be called “Constantinians”:

Emperor Constantine is usually said to have converted the Roman Empire to Christianity. What he actually did was convert Christianity to the Roman Empire. He gave Jesus the fourth century equivalent of a shot of anabolic steroids and transformed the Prince of Peace into the Prince of War and ally of the rich and the ruler.


6 Responses to “Who Would Jesus Bomb?”

  1. Russ said

    How many babies would Jesus abort?

  2. honestpoet said

    Is that your best argument? Lame. Single issue much?

  3. Religion certainly has large potential for abuse and misuse as well as good. Who can forget Bush’s use of the word “crusade” early in the invasion of Iraq…

  4. honestpoet said

    I know! Like that’s the sort of rhetoric we needed…

    What I find most upsetting is the cynical use of “values” and religion to hook Middle America into voting for these people who gladly send their sons to war for their own financial profit. It’s just sick, and I hope people finally wake up to it before this next election.

    Jesus wouldn’t bomb anyone. (Uh, turn the other cheek? Anyone heard that part of the gospel?)

  5. Monte said

    Have you seen the piece of David Brooks called Why Experience Matters? The link is to a Clipmarks clip I made of it. Here’s my comment: “This part of the populist strain of American conservatism disdains knowledge and prudence, favoring instinct, and compensates for lack of experience with brashness. They’re great at rallying cries, but inept at the complex, historically contextual discipline of governance. She’s [Palin’s] not familiar enough with US history, for instance, to understand the significance of what she does. His government [Bush’s] demonstrates the failure of her approach.”

  6. honestpoet said

    Yes, I had read that piece. (I’ve read too many, from both sides of the spectrum, of late.) It’s excellent, as is your comment.

    And you’re right, these sorts of people, like that Paul at your website, are not bothered by facts. They ignore reality and do their best to create their own, which causes the sort of damage we’re seeing to our economy and, even worse, destroys lives, dropping bombs on people in response to imaginary threats.

    The fact that Palin “doesn’t blink” scares me. While we can’t have folks with Hamletian complexes running things, neither do we need cowboys (or ladies pretending to be such). I think Obama possesses the sort of intellect capable of following the Middle Way Buddha espouses, and that’s what we need. Clear-eyed caution AND strength.

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