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Barack Obama: A Man with Something to Say

Posted by honestpoet on September 17, 2008

I just saw this ad at TPM. I thought it excellent enough to share. I really feel that if Americans would actually listen to him instead of letting their preformed partisan ideas get in the way, they’d realize that this is the person who could help us get back on a path to a positive future for the whole country.


4 Responses to “Barack Obama: A Man with Something to Say”

  1. jonolan said

    So, if I don’t agree with Obama I’m a partisan filled with ideas – I assume that’s a euphemism for lies – falsehoods?

  2. honestpoet said

    Not necessarily, but the likelihood is high, especially if you actually support McCain. I myself had trouble getting behind Obama at first; not only am I a recovering racist (my father called blacks “spooks” and “porch monkeys”), but I’ve also been a registered Independent for over ten years, and have libertarian leanings.

    But I can’t in good conscience sit this election out, and I certainly can’t support a ticket that would undermine the separation of Church and State (if you explore my blog, you’ll see that’s a big issue for me), nor one that so wholeheartedly goes to bed with the military-industrial complex. I also value intelligence over emotion.

    And yes, the McCain campaign HAS been filled with lies. When Carl Rove says a campaign has gone too far in that respect, then you know it’s been bad. I’m discouraged that so many Americans seem to be buying it.

    But in the end, no, I can’t say what’s in your head. Only you can know that.

  3. jonolan said

    Yes, I support McCain. I somewhat prefer his plan for America over Obama’s, which is not much of an endorsement for McCain actually. I also think that what harm McCain might cause would be blocked by a Democrat controlled Congress, whereas whatever Obama wanted be passed by that same Congress.

  4. honestpoet said

    McCain’s only plan is to get elected.

    I do understand the desire for gridlock: it’s almost better that nothing get done than the wrong thing. But we need some serious medicine after the past eight years, especially economically. I really want to see the deregulation that began in the 80s and progressed rabidly throughout both of Bush’s terms redressed. Corporations have been in control for far too long, and our economy has been greased with human blood. Not only is it morally a mess, but it’s not even economically sustainable, as we’re now seeing.

    Truth is we need to go all the way back to when corporations were granted 14th-amendment personhood and the protections that offers and reverse those decisions. We’ve been more or less at their mercy ever since, going on over a century now. The Nazis proved what evil can be done by groups of people, rather than the individual with his/her conscience in full play, and to provide corporations with the privacy granted individuals was a mistake that needs to be fixed. Obama’s not recommending this, of course, but he’s more likely to leash the corporations than McCain, for sure. Trickle-down economics have been thoroughly discredited, and yet McCain’s economic advisor doesn’t seem to realize that at all. As for McCain himself, he’s absolutely clueless.

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