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Sarah Palin Linked to Second Witch-Hunter and Spiritual Warfare Network That Sees Catholics As Demonic

Posted by honestpoet on October 24, 2008

Nevermind Hindus, Muslims, or Jews. Even most Protestants don’t have it right, and a civil war among the protestants will be necessary to purge the churches of demonic influence before Jesus will come again. I just read this article over at HuffPo, and I have to say that I think Sarah Palin should be kept as far away from power as possible, not just in this election, but for forever.

These do not seem like nice people.

Although the terms ‘intercessory prayer’ and ‘prayer warrior’ are widely used in Christianity, Sarah Palin has been been claimed, as a member, by one very specific and well defined prayer-warfare network: the Global Apostolic Prayer Network, formerly called the “Spiritual Warfare Network”. This ‘prayer warfare’ network considers Catholics, and everyone else who does not share its particular interpretation of Christianity to be under demon influence and damned to hell; it hunts witches and is mapping out “demon influences” in cities and towns across America.

Global Apostolic Prayer Network leaders compare Catholicism to Freemasonry and have conducted prayer warfare which they claim may have helped to kill Mother Theresa. One top leader and apostle of this spiritual warfare movement endorses the activities of church-based Central American death squads.

On September 6, 2008, Norwegian Spiritual Warfare leader Jan-Aage Torp confirmed that Sarah Palin was currently a ‘prayer warrior’ in Mary Glazier’s prayer-warfare network.

Glazier has claimed that in 1995 her network drove an employee of the Alaska State Prison System, whom Glazier had accused of witchcraft, out of Alaska with ‘spiritual warfare’. As Glazier told Spiritled Woman Magazine,

“As we continued to pray against the spirit of witchcraft, her incense altar caught on fire, her car engine blew up, she went blind in her left eye, and she was diagnosed with cancer.”

And just in case any of you kind, forgiving Catholics want to pray that these people actually hear Christ’s message of the brotherhood of man, don’t bother:

The Global Apostolic Prayer Network…claims that a planetary-level demon spirit blocks prayers of Catholics from reaching Heaven.

All I can say is, wow. What century is this? Even after this election (which I’m pretty optimistic will NOT land Sarah the Prayer Warrior anywhere near the White House), I think we need to be vigilant that this Global Apostolic Prayer Network not continue to subvert democracy and rationalism around the world.


7 Responses to “Sarah Palin Linked to Second Witch-Hunter and Spiritual Warfare Network That Sees Catholics As Demonic”

  1. Scary stuff here, thanks for posting. This is extreme religious intolerance.

    Just noticed you have my blog on your blogroll, thank you! It is under Atheism, which is interesting as I’m a Messianic Jew. Of course, many of the writers on DS are of many different faiths and/or without faith.

    It is extreme, and troubling. Re: your blog, I’ll move it to Politics, which is probably more accurate. I’m afraid, because it was the first category I created, that Atheism is my default category, a software thing I haven’t bothered trying to fix.

  2. I have just been writing a post-grad dissertation [I am a student at Glasgow University’s Dumfries/ south west Scotland campus] on the history of south-west Scotland in the seventeenth century.

    It was a time when the Scots believed they had a Covenant with God – an actual document written in 1638. It was printed up and in some places, especially south west Scotland, signed by every adult male. The end result was a series of religious conflicts which lasted fifty years and which were mixed in with the ‘English’ Civil War. Several thousand soldiers died in the wars, and many hundreds more in the local conflicts which followed the restoration of Charles II. The area is still dotted with the graves of ‘martyrs’ who died in the Killing Times as they are called. These ‘martyrs’ were amongst those who continued to believe in the Covenant with God and who worshipped at illegal open air prayer meetings called conventicles.

    The struggles carried on after the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and only really ended when the Stuart/ Jacobite ( Bonnie Prince Charlie) cause was bloodily crushed at the Battle of Culloden in 1746. The Jacobites were Episcopalians and Roman Catholics, their opponents Calvinist Presbyterians, first loyal to William of Orange and then the Hanoverian king Georges.

    In Scotland the defeat of the Jacobite/ Episcopalian/ Roman Catholic cause was followed by religious tolerance and moderation – and the Scottish Enlightenment which even tolerated sceptics like David Hume who was probably an atheist.

    But just twenty miles away in Northern Ireland, the Plantation of Ulster (from 1610 onwards) saw many thousands of Calvinist Presbyterian Scots settle on lands which had belonged to Irish Roman Catholics. The religious and political results of this process have yet to be fully resolved. Between 1968 and 1998, 3000 people were killed in ‘The Troubles’- most in Northern Ireland, but some in England by IRA bombs.

    In the eighteenth century many thousands of these Calvinist Ulster/Irish Scots migrated again, this time to north America. I have not studied the American phase in any detail, but it does seem that their religious beliefs, forged in the bloody struggles of the Scottish Covenanters and Conventiclers and their own, no less violent, conflicts in Ireland fed into the nineteenth century development and rise of protestant evangelicalism in the USA.

    If, as the Huffington Post article on Sarah P. suggests, the Global Apostolic Prayer Network considers “Catholics, and everyone else who does not share its particular interpretation of Christianity to be under demon influence and damned to hell” … then I hear echoes of Ulster. And (to bring in an element of ridicule) the sectarian chants of soccer (Glasgow Rangers) fans who still remember the 1689 siege of London/Derry as if it was just yesterday:


    The Cry Was No Surrender,
    Surrender Or You’ll Die (Die, Die),
    With Heart And Hand,
    And Sword And Shield,
    We’ll Guard Old Derry’s Walls.
    King James And All His Rebel Scum,
    Came Up To Bishopsgate,
    With Heart And Hand,
    And Sword And Shield,
    We’ll Guard Old Derry’s Walls

  3. honestpoet said

    Thanks, Alistair, for that informative post. It’s interesting to see that this is just a continuation of a long and twisted history.

  4. Aaron said

    Freemason here. I’m not supposed to criticize the spiritual beliefs of other people as spirituality and a person’s concept of and relationship to God is very personal.

    However, the people who go around comparing Freemasons to Catholics tend to be nuts. They are generally anti-Everything They Are Not. Masons would call them “anti-Masons”. They HATE Masons and insist (wrongly) that we worship Satan. They hate the fact that a Masonry insists on complete religious freedom.

    They love to hang the fact that Joseph Smith was a Mason around the necks of Moromons. They are very anti-Mormon.

    They very weirdly love to connect Freemasonry to Catholicism perhaps because the Catholic Church will not allow its members to be Masons and they wish to poke Catholics with this strange idea.

    But…of most concern is the fact that from this group of believers come the dominionists who insist that they need to take the reigns of civil power to create a Christian Republic to help usher in the Appocolypse and the Rapture. They have no tolerance for any religious belief but their own and see the need, in fact duty, to enforce their beliefs with civil authority.

    There are hundreds of blogs by these people going on forever about this stuff. Google Freemasonry Evangelicalism or Freemasonry Fundamentalism ot Freemasonry Catholicisim to read some of it.

    This is ALL they think about.
    That is scary.


  5. honestpoet said

    It is scary. I call them Christianofascists, and they are our analog to Islam’s extremists. We really do need to do our best to get them in line before they manage to create a horrible situation. I’m not sure how to go about that…obviously it needs to be done with ideas, and not guns.

    I like the way in Saudi Arabia, rather than torturing captured Muslim extremists, they talk them down from their ideology with progressively moderate imams, until they’ve had a real change of heart, and then they’re like evangelistic moderates, taking the message of tolerance out into the madrassas.

    But they can do that by having them in captivity, and we don’t have that option, unless they do something to break the law. I think we need to watch for such things, and then swoop in to take advantage of whatever incursion they commit.

    And, of course, we need to make sure that they don’t gain positions of power.

  6. Monte said


  7. honestpoet said

    Yeah, huh? Did you read the whole article? Scary stuff. It seems that young members of this sect are being trained for actual, physical violence, real warfare, not just praying for bad things to happen. They’re going to MAKE bad things happen. I’m pretty sure that’s against the law. (Nevermind contrary to Jesus’s message in the gospels…do they have a different edition of that book or something?)

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