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McCain a War Hero? I Think Not!

Posted by honestpoet on October 31, 2008

I just came across this most disturbing video on YouTube. I’d heard rumors from some vets my husband works with that McCain wasn’t quite the war hero he likes to pretend he was, as well as some statements from generals, etc., to that effect, but I’d had no idea of the scope of his anti-heroic actions during the war and afterwards. The information he volunteered to his captors, simply to get medical treatment, before any sort of torture, cost many American lives. Treason. Watch this.

Not only should this man not be president, he doesn’t belong in the Senate, either. He belongs in a jail cell. It’s a testament to his astounding arrogance, the admiral’s son that he is, that he ran for President. Did he think this truth wouldn’t come to light? It usually does, eventually, no matter how hard you try to keep it under wraps.


2 Responses to “McCain a War Hero? I Think Not!”

  1. pissed off said

    I’d like to see how you held up for 5 years being tortured and starved in a prison camp, bitch.

    • honestpoet said

      There were many other men who held up that long without dishing information that endangered their fellows. No excuses. The man’s a slimy jackass, riding his family’s name for ages, wrapping himself in the flag. A loser through and through.

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