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Apologies for the Long Absence, and a Hilarious Poem as a Peace Offering

Posted by honestpoet on June 9, 2009

We’ve been adjusting to our new lives up here near the Canadian border, far from the idiocy and lunacy of the Bible Belt. The kids are thriving. Last night our son won two awards for scholarship; at the ceremony I thought about how different things were down there, where he was struggling against his teachers’ irrationality and being failed primarily due to personality conflicts rooted in their inability to control what he thought (especially about religion). I can’t tell you how much happier I am watching him flower here in better soil.

Here’s a hilarious poem, “Storm,” by Tim Minchin, which demolishes new-age irrationality (and is wonderfully well written, with lots of brilliant and subtle rhyme.) My thanks to Michael Rothenberg, editor of Big Bridge, for finding and posting it at Facebook.

In personal news, my own poetry manuscript has been accepted for publication and will come out this winter or early next spring. Very exciting times.

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