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Experiencing Now

Posted by majutsu on June 28, 2010

Experiencing Now
I’ve been reading some Eckhart Tolle and listening to his lectures. In summary, I can say so far that it seems to be a very lucid, modern description of the state of being fully aware in the present moment. I also find this state to be the mystical core of all faiths that can generate saints, or loving beings in love with all being. Therefore, being a long-time seeker myself and being interested in the core experience that sustains and uplifts humanity, I’ve become motivated to start putting into practice some of these teachings.
While everyday life, in brief interactions with the myriad types of people in the world, provides plenty of opportunities for practice, the essence of the practice is to remain centered in the midst of these interactions. I think remembering and being focused upon something one has never experienced in the first place could be difficult, therefore it seems that I might need a remedial practice to prepare for the greater practice that is life.
In Tolle’s teachings, as well as mystical Christianity, Buddhism, and Sufism, many practical techniques are taught. Those that make sense immediately to me, that I might consider following are as follows: silence, space, inner body, and mind watching. All of these seem consistent and obtainable with daily practice on a cushion.
Silence meditation involves sitting and listening to all the sounds of the world. Then try in that to hear the silence, the vast silence from which all those sounds emanate and to which they return. Space meditation is the same sort of idea, but visually or conceptual try to feel the space in which all things are. Inner body meditation involves feeling the life within your body, within each cell. The whole being is one pulsing energy field of life. Instead of imaging this or conceptualizing it, try to feel it, tactilely. The feeling might start first as tingling or warmth, but let it engulf the whole organism. This particular meditation appeals to me because it is frequently lauded in Western mystical tradition and is said to be the vegetable body, or the place magick, the crossroads, the meeting of the spiritual realm and the material. Mind watching is the practice of watching the mind like a rabbit hole, waiting to see what pops out. Note it without judgment and wait again. It is fascinating in doing this how much of the content of the mind is based on regrets and wounds of the past, or fantasies or fears of the future! The mind seems to fight Now viciously at every step, attacking the true self most cruelly.
I hope to take up one or more of these meditation practices daily soon. Please share your practice and experiences as well. I will share my experiences as they unfold.


5 Responses to “Experiencing Now”

  1. honestpoet said

    Serendipitously, I just saw a Rumi quote today encouraging a daily practice. He said to keep knocking, and eventually the joy within will open.

    I celebrate your desire to meditate and look forward to many sessions on the cushion beside you!

  2. I’ve been thinking about a lot of the same concepts a lot myself. I’ve heard and tried all of the types of meditation you mentioned, as well as food meditation and some other sorts. (Food meditation involves taking several minutes on each of the following things without doing anything else except observing the sensation of these one at a time; smelling, lying the food on the tongue, chewing, and then very slowly swallowing.) I really ought to be doing at least one sort every day… It’s hard to still one self enough sometimes. I think the pressure of having someone else around who wants to do it too helps a lot. I write about being present in this entry which you might like; http://artphoenix.blogspot.com/2010/06/imagination-fitness.html 🙂

  3. majutsu said

    I’m looking forward to cushion shopping too hp 🙂

    Phoenixmuse – thanks for sharing the link. I enjoy this stuff.

    Funny story, something came up today, and I tried the reminder/mantra, “Can I be the space for this?” And the answer was apparently a resounding “No!” lol When I was younger I always thought the practice was in glimpsing True Nature, Being, Presence, whatever … Now I really most people from a young age have felt Presence once or twice already! A few weeks of awareness practice or a walk in nature will give you a glimpse of Presence. The practice is in navigating the switch back and forth between the world and Reality. It reminds me too of one of my hobbies, powerlifting. Unlike bodybuilders, we powerlifters do many sets of few reps 1-3. The reason is that when you lift sickeningly heavy weight, it’s not the doing that’s hard, it’s the starting and stopping. A large amount of the practice is devoted therefore to making that switch between no weight and crushing weight. ps enjoy your blog. Comments about yoga practice are welcome 🙂

    • You’re very welcome on the link. I’ve been meaning to write a post about yoga. I’ll try to keep a mental note to do that. I can’t do it now because each of my entries takes me between 40 minutes and 2 hours to write, sometimes more if a lot of research is involved, and I have to do laundry before my husband gets home from work. :p

      • honestpoet said

        Thanks for the reminder! I need to go put the shirts in the dryer! Ah, life. Reminds me of the title of Jack Cornfield’s excellent book, *After the Ecstasy, The Laundry*…

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