Enough is Enough

When is Humanity Going to Get That We’re All in This Together?

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4 Responses to “Contact Honestpoet”

  1. Gail Zeppetello said

    Funny how things happen, isn’t it. I got an unsolicited catalogue “Explorations of conscious media” in the mail. Looks like it’s linked to the catalogue “Gaiam”. Anyhow, it has many interesting looking dvds and some that should have stayed landfill. The two that lead me to you, happily, were by David Icke. I’ve never heard of him, and the descriptions of the films jumped out at me as being either totally objective and accurate or totally absurd.

    So I googled him. I started with your site even though it was about seventh down on the list, because it said “I don’t like David Icke. Enough is Enough”. I always like starting out with a point of view that is in opposition, then I go to supporting views.

    I haven’t actually looked to any of the other sites yet, because I’ve gotten caught up in your site. It’s made me smile and laugh and nod my head. Yet, since I know it’s easy to feel so good when I’ve found someone who agrees with, and therefore, validates my point of view, I’m going to try very hard to remain impartial. Especially until I’ve had time to read all (or at least more) or your site.

    But I think I’ll continue to nod and be happy.

    Glad I found you, one way or the other.


  2. honestpoet said

    Welcome, Gail, and thanks for the kind words. Feel free to comment on any posts, old or new. Like you, I’m always pleased to meet someone like-minded. There seems to be a lack of people grounded in reason these days (I’m not sure there’s ever been a surplus, for that matter). That David Icke manages to sell so many books and DVD’s says something frightening about the credulity of most folks, I’m afraid.

  3. ken hood said

    getting reddy 2 go 2 town i found $100 mysteriously in my wallet drove in not the usual way woz picked up speeding & fined&100 ! this was since i accepted that all humans will finally enjoy eternal life so i conclude its true wos wrong widdat?

    • honestpoet said

      There’s nothing wrong with it (except perhaps from a logical point of view, since you’re making leaps that aren’t justifiable), unless you decide to take your belief and attempt to force it on others. My beef isn’t with people’s beliefs except as they influence their actions in a negative way. There’s no denying that the events of Sept. 11, 2001 would not have happened if those fools hadn’t been convinced by their religious delusions that their actions would grant them an instant ticket to paradise.

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