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The Box

Posted by majutsu on July 27, 2010

My wife, who’s a writer, often tells me it’s good for the soul to write. My protestations of lack of craft and sufficient free-time she over-rides by saying that making a sonnet is like making a little toy of words. I love little toys, trinkets, pieces of art, etc as they tend to re-awaken the child-like joy that is the state we aspire to when we seek to find the root one-ness of all, that state of what the Shiva Sutra calls “joy-filled amazement”.

So here’s my naive sonnet filled with fixed formal ideas about stanza purpose, force iambs, and anachronistic contractions: Enjoy! 😉

The Lacquer Box

An antique shop I passed on route to school
had on display a painted lacquer box.
Desiring leafy lacework ‘til I drooled,
I saved to buy the key. My piece, unlocked!

Between my hands, alive, wood resonates,
Enamel tendrils snake ‘round fingertips.
The tiny key’s intelligence innate
pries tumbler pins with clicking, kissing lips.

Once opened, red velour lined coffin walls
entombed a tiny, dazzling, crystal man
with probing sapphire eyes and chiseled jaws
the craftsman’s sacred message held ‘tween his hands.

The secret hid in carvings, secured by locks?
One chip of wood, a simple uncarved block


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Spring stump after storm

Posted by majutsu on May 23, 2010

Dead tree, lightning struck
Holds busy ants working in spring
Scattered mist of life within.

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The Final Battle

Posted by majutsu on May 8, 2010

There has been a battle, since the beginning of recorded history, between those who would live in peace, comfortably enjoying their natural talents, their friends and families, and their food and leisure, and those who would live in war, defending hierarchies, control over the actions and thoughts of others.

The pitch of this battle, as Marx rather eloquently predicted long ago, has reached an apex demanding resolution.

There are three tentacles to this battle, grabbing nearly every personal, political or intellectual act, and assigning it a place somewhere on the stage of this battle. The difficulty is that the three tentacles are friend, foe or subterfuge. It is the third tentacle that is the most confusing, as the side of war, as long as the objectives of hierarchy and control are achieved, is often quite comfortable using ambiguous or expedient symbols or political movements to further its ends in a duplicitous manner.

The friends of fascism are large corporations, imperialism, capitalism, racism, sexism and naked exploitation and oppression of any stripe. The ultimate aim of the war-mongers is to establish a comprehensive master-slave dialect. The corporate-military complex would have complete control over the slave race, robotized to thoughtlessness, devoid of resistance, whose blood is squeezed out in drops by the system like oranges for orange juice.

The enemies of fascism are socialism, human rights, gender equality, anti-hierarchy, and most characteristically, empathy – unifying the human race into one breathing body, and the earth into one symbiotic being of the earth-mother and all her creatures. People would decide on what’s best for the all, democratically, non-autocratically, leaving each person free to worship, love, live in peace, free from fear, control, or war.

The third tentacle is the most complicated. The side of war really wants control – since that has not been achieved, and some ancient hierarchical institutions prevent further, newer control by being burned in by time and custom, it becomes expedient to use forces of good in a masqueraded way as forces of darkness, or vice versa.

One example is Freemasonry. While the Freemasons advocate all races and creeds standing shoulder to shoulder in a new ritual, seemingly a move toward peace, it actually is the ritualized worship of evil, the annihilation of man’s humanity. Freemasonry began in the time of the Roman collegia. Originally, the collegia were centered around goddess worship and peaceful harmonious existence. Several times around year zero, several collegia led successful revolts against male-dominated hierarchy and the war machine of Rome. The result was the criminalization of the collegia, until about the time of Trojan, Nero, etc. Then the collegia were reformed as a microcog of the war-state. The most important collegiums of Rome, as Cicero points out, was that of architects and masons. This collegium is both the embodiment and the symbol of building the war-machine. The first step was banishing the goddess, by making the collegia fraternal only, obliterating women’s rights, inheritance, or even care or supervision of their own children. However, as nationalism and human natural sympathies, such as a son for his mother, a husband for his wife, stand in the way of congealed control, it is necessary for freemasonry to appear tolerant or even encouraging of religious tolerance, sexual freedom, political revolt, etc., only to loosen the old, natural bonds enough to establish a greater, more grandiose control.

Another example is religion. Jesus was caring, empathetic, and encouraged the issuing of the millennium of peace, which will one day be established, as evil ultimately has no real power over good. The early church with its female priests led by Mary Magdalene spread socialism, equality and caring; Rome was in its catacombs, on its streets, and its temples and houses of politics being over-run by Christianity, bringing their Celtic web-like natural human existence and oneness of the body of Christ. The Roman Empire of course saw fit to become the Catholic Church and to co-opt the symbols of Christianity in a false church, an empire in disguise. Women were subjugated, their influence obliterated, and their freedoms curtailed into slavery. “Just war” replaced the Christian dedication to peace. Ironically, the Catholic Church is now dedicated to destroying masonry, only because the Roman masters moved on to Masonic and political domination, leaving the tattered and used false church behind, since it now serves only as an obstacle to the more complete domination in store, though they spring from the same hateful source.

The Mormons, who sprang from freemasonry, and successfully masquerade as Christians despite being a Judaic religion with Masonic symbolism, right down to the fabricated tablets of law, are now the new religious arm of the hate machine. But while the divisiveness and hate is supported by the powers of war, the persistence of theism stands opposed to the annihilation of man’s dignity that complete fascism requires, leading to religions as diverse as Mormonism and Islam opposing socialism, masonry, women’s rights, war or peace in a confusing hodge-podge of goals. The same may be said of gay rights, the environmental movement, even socialism itself (when autocratic fascism as in Russia or China is masqueraded as “socialism”) when each of these movements may be utilized by the would-be saboteur to distract, divide and, most importantly, obscure the control and hierarchy that is simply, nakedly the aim of the war movement.

Zionism is at the root of the war movement – not Zionism as in Jewish, since there were no Jews. There were never slaves of Hebrews in Egypt, and with the records kept by the Egyptians, we know there was no Exodus of millions of Hebrews through the desert ever. There was no kingdom of Israel – no David, no Moses, and Solomon was a Babylonian king whose reign and artifacts are well-known. The Exodus that never happened left no ring, no coin, no bones, not one petrified turd in perfectly preserving sand. The Old Testament was made up at the time of the diaspora to convince the Jews to believe in a great kingdom and their natural rule over mankind to preserve them through hardship. Certainly the white Ashkenazi Jews placed in Palestine in the 40s were never even Semitic, displacing people there since 6000 BC with extreme violence to men, women and children indiscriminately. Zionism is a lie – the belief that some are destined by a terrestrial, war-like god (a devil really) to enslave the human race for their own comfort and benefit. Jesus was bringing the message of peace and truth, and this is why he had to be executed by the Zionist Jews, as his beliefs and practices hearkened back to the path of the goddess, to peace and harmony. Islam too, I believe, had tried to establish truth, but I believe it too was corrupted by Masonic forces of war and divisiveness, leaving only woman-hating and violence as debris.

The truth is love. The triumph is love. But the final battle, the last fingertips of the fading grasp of control remain, and the last convulsion, its death-gasp, will be fierce indeed.

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Abolish the Federal Reserve System – A Huge Impediment to Human Freedom, Dignity and Progress,

Posted by majutsu on November 26, 2009

Abolish the Federal Reserve System – A Huge Impediment to Human Freedom, Dignity and Progress

This blog is full of odes to the dignity and greatness of humanity, and blessings for those who have labored in anonymity and persecution to bring about this potential in all beings for the benefit of mankind. As a result, it has been littered with the refuse of the bigoted and unintellectual comments of those who precisely have struggled to prevent mankind from developing freedom from servitude. True to their technique of dissimulation, that have set about accusing others of the very thing they seek, and, as George Orwell so delicately imaged it, continued to misuse language deliberately and frankly calling white “black” and day “night”, so as to keep the very systems in place which hold back human progress.

But something very important has happened this month in American history, perhaps as important as the Civil War if not more so, in that it involves the potential unraveling of the world slavery system –

The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009 (H.R. 1207), a bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives of the 111th United States Congress by Congressman Ron Paul (TX-14). The bill proposes a reformed audit of the Federal Reserve System (the “Fed”) before the end of 2010. I would encourage each and every American to support this bill and restore our free government.

The Federal Reserve Act (ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251, enacted December 23, 1913, 12 U.S.C. ch.3) is the act of Congress that created the Federal Reserve System, the central banking system of the United States of America, which was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson. Before the 1913 establishment of the Federal Reserve, the banking system had dealt with periodic crises (such as in the Panic of 1907) by suspending the convertibility of deposits into currency. The system nearly collapsed in 1907 and there was an extraordinary intervention by an ad-hoc coalition assembled by J. P. Morgan. The bankers demanded in 1910-1913 a central bank to address this structural weakness. The supposed idea [as illustrated by the critical scene in the Jimmy Stewart Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)] is to create a reserve of wealth to prevent bank runs. Let us say that Mr. Smith, a rich man, puts one million dollars into Bank XYZ. Now let us say the same Mr. Smith, now near death, has some sort of religious crisis and suddenly fears going to hell. He decides, therefore, to withdrawal his one million dollars all at once and give it away, so as to guarantee a trip to heaven. The problem is that Bank XYZ has actually loaned Mr. Smith’s money in the meantime to Ms. Hamptom’s flower business, the Gomez family’s mortgage, etc. So the bank doesn’t actually have the money at the bank to cover Mr. Smith’s sudden need for a withdrawal. If enough people does this at once, say because of a sudden fear about the future of the economy or whatever, that’s called a bank run. Similar situations in the past, such as in 1907, have caused severe economic crisis and a critical loss of confidence in the bank industry, currency as a means of trade, etc. In times of economic crisis, individuals often want to withdraw their money to put it into tangibles such as land or gold. This tendency has a way, from the bank industry’s point of view in particular, of magnifying sudden panics or losses of confidence in what is essentially a house of cards. The Federal Reserve was supposedly created to thereby serve as a pool of funds that Bank XYZ could call upon to honor Mr. Smith’s sudden withdrawal. In that way, it was supposed to stabilize the United States against economic crisis. Unfortunately, there were no crises to defend against except for a suspect and immoral usury system being shaken anyway, and all the Federal Reserve System really did was create a system of world-wide slavery and episodic economic crisis. By merely asking the Federal Reserve to have transparency, to show us, the American people what they really are and what they are really doing and for whom, Ron Paul has subtlety and cleverly forced the hand of a most corrupt and evil system of domination by an immoral few at a time when their machinations are most visible in their effect and most susceptible to destruction.

Federal Reserve System is “an independent entity within the government, having both public purposes and private aspects”. In particular, neither the Federal Reserve System nor its component banks are overseen or controlled by the US Federal Government, but bluntly act as loan-sharks to banks across the US.
According to the Federal Reserve acts and amendments over the years, there are presently five different parts of the Federal Reserve System:
1.The presidentially appointed Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, a governmental agency in Washington, D.C.
2.The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), which oversees Open Market Operations, the principal tool of national monetary policy.
3.Twelve regional privately-owned Federal Reserve Banks located in major cities throughout the nation, which divide the nation into 12 districts, each with its own nine-member board of directors.
4.Numerous other private U.S. member banks, which have required amounts of stock in their regional Federal Reserve Banks, which does pay dividends like any other stock, but cannot be bought or sold publicly on the stocks.
5.Various mysterious advisory councils which provide some sort of sinister coordination or planning to this multi-tentacled and unaudited process.

It is widely believed that Woodrow Wilson rushed the system into law after election largely for the economic benefit of financial entities that contributed heavily to his election campaign. Oddly enough, while he is often portrayed as being pushed into this by lust for power and with remorse, as being our only president with a PhD, he left behind political writings that reveal a distaste for freedom and a desire for a more tyrannical system which abolished the founding father’s system of branches of government with checks and balances long before he ever held office. Under the influence of Walter Bagehot’s The English Constitution, Wilson saw the United States Constitution as pre-modern, cumbersome, and open to corruption. He wrote in the early 1880s:
“I ask you to put this question to yourselves, should we not draw the Executive and Legislature closer together? Should we not, on the one hand, give the individual leaders of opinion in Congress a better chance to have an intimate part in determining who should be president, and the president, on the other hand, a better chance to approve himself a statesman, and his advisers capable men of affairs, in the guidance of Congress?”

The first chairman of the Fed, McAdoo, was an entrepreneur. He was the president of the Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Company, which built the tubes connecting Manhattan and Hoboken and operated by PATH today. He worked on Wilson’s 1912 presidential campaign as noted earlier. Wilson named him Treasury Secretary in 1913. And in March 1914, he became engaged to Wilson’s daughter. So the president was also his soon-to-be father-in-law, quite the incestuous relationship with controlling monetary policy Wilson had hoped to have in the first place. In fact, in the picture beginning this article, McAdoo’s armband is worn to commemorate the death, four days earlier, of his mother-in-law, Ellen Axson Wilson, and some say the death of capitalism and human freedom in general. Interesting other facts about the above picture are that the standing gentleman is Paul Warburg of Hamburg, Germany, of a successful Jewish banking family. He is also of the family banking firm of M.M. Warburg & Company, still a member bank of the Fed, and chairman of Wells Fargo, still receiving Fed handouts to this day. He is also the founder of the Brookings Institute, still one of the aforementioned advisory councils of the Fed to this day!

In addition to controlling the American economy, the Federal Reserve has the authority to act as “lender of last resort” by extending credit to depository institutions or to other entities in unusual circumstances involving a national or regional emergency, such as an economic crisis, where failure to obtain credit would have a severe adverse impact on the economy.

Through its discount and credit operations, Reserve Banks provide liquidity to banks to meet short-term needs stemming from seasonal fluctuations in deposits or unexpected withdrawals. Longer term liquidity may also be provided in exceptional circumstances. The Fed is able to make money through these loans by charging a rate, known as the discount rate (officially the primary credit rate).

By making these loans, the Fed serves as a buffer against unexpected day-to-day fluctuations in reserve demand and supply. This contributes to the effective functioning of the banking system, alleviates pressure in the reserves market and reduces the extent of unexpected movements in the interest rates. For example, on September 16, 2008, the Federal Reserve Board authorized an $85 billion loan to stave off the bankruptcy of international insurance giant American International Group (AIG). The Federal Reserve System’s role as lender of last resort is criticized for shifting risk and responsibility away from lenders and borrowers and placing them on others, namely us middle-class taxpayers, in the form of taxes and/or inflation. This enables the banks and companies that are bailed out to avoid responsible management at our expense, and enables the banks that are doing the rescuing to actually profit from these transactions at our expense, not through any penalty or consequence of the offending institution.

Interestingly, the Fed also has over $11 billion in gold, which is a holdover from the days the government used to back US Notes and Federal Reserve Notes with gold. This means that in times of economic crisis, when tangibles such as gold rise greatly in value, the Fed sees a profit in the rise of the value of its holdings. The Fed has approximately a tenth of the world’s gold, and the member banks are estimated to trade approximately 75% of the world’s foreign exchange trade, or Forex market, while at the same time being able to control the value of the dollar vis a vis other currencies at will. The value of gold held by the Fed at this time of high gold value is around $310 trillion, and represents almost 80% of the world’s gold supply, which can be bought or sold as needed.

So what we are talking about is a group of private banks and companies in the hands of a few families, a surprising number of which are not United States corporations or citizens, many of whom have a similar degree of control over their own countries economic policy and national banking, capable of profiting greatly by economic crisis which they are capable of manufacturing by means of their hold of the reins of economic policy. In fact, the periodic economic cycles we are experiencing over time are in fact a by-product of the policy of those capable of profiting from these crises.
The Federal Reserve’s control of interest rates is an unnecessary and counterproductive interference in the economy. Rates should be naturally low during times of excessive consumer saving (because lendable money is abundant) and naturally high when high net volumes of consumer credit are extended (because lendable money is scarce). These critics argue that setting a baseline lending rate amounts to centralized economic planning, and inflating the currency amounts to a regressive, incremental redistribution of wealth.

Austrian School economists focus on the amplifying, “wave-like” effects of the credit cycle as the primary cause of most business cycles. They assert that inherently damaging and ineffective central bank policies, like those of the Federal Reserve, are the predominant cause of most business cycles, because they tend to set interest rates unnaturally low for too long, resulting in excessive credit creation, speculative “bubbles” and unnaturally low savings. The business cycle unfolds in the following way. Low interest rates tend to stimulate borrowing from the banking system. This expansion of credit causes an expansion of the money supply, through the money creation process in a fractional reserve banking system. This in turn leads to an unsustainable “monetary boom” during which the “artificially stimulated” borrowing seeks out diminishing investment opportunities. This boom results in widespread failed investment, causing capital resources to be misallocated into areas which would not attract investment if the money supply remained stable. The global economic crisis of 2008 represents an example of the Austrian business cycle theory’s dependability.
It is also a widely-accepted criticism of the Fed, first proposed by Milton Friedman and Anna Schwartz, that the Fed exacerbated the 1929 recession, sparking the Great Depression. After the stock market crashed in 1929, the Fed continued to contract the money supply and refused to save struggling banks threatened with runs from failure; this mistake, critics charge, allowed what might have been a relatively mild recession to explode into catastrophe, as discussed in their work A Monetary History of the United States, 1867-1960. The Great Depression was caused by the fall of the money supply. Friedman & Schwartz note that “[f]rom the cyclical peak in August 1929 to a cyclical trough in March 1933, the stock of money fell by over a third.” The result was what Friedman calls the “Great Contraction” — a period of falling income, prices, and employment caused by the choking effects of a restricted money supply. The mechanism suggested by Friedman and Schwartz was that people wanted to hold more money than the Federal Reserve was supplying. People thus hoarded money by consuming less. This, in turn, caused a contraction in employment and production, since prices were not flexible enough to immediately fall.

The current Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, even acknowledged this in a 2002 speech:

Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it. We’re very sorry. But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.

I think I would prefer to audit their actions in the future rather than take their “good word,” especially as it has occurred repeatedly since then, particularly when the next generation of beneficiaries of these few families needs to yet again harvest the work and ideas of the world for the continuation of their parasitic life-cycle.

In a 2002 interview with Peter Jaworski, Friedman said that ideally he would “prefer to abolish the federal reserve system altogether” rather than try to reform it, because it was a flawed system in the first place. He would prefer to replace the organization with a mechanical system that would increase the money supply at some fixed rate, and thought that “leaving monetary and banking arrangements to the market would have produced a more satisfactory outcome than was actually achieved through government involvement.” I would have to agree. But I must say that Ron Paul’s urgent plea that the American people at least be allowed to be informed as to the workings of the Federal Reserve is certainly logical and virtually unarguable, especially if the workings of the Fed involve the periodic construction of waves of starving families and ruined lives for the benefit of a few families around the world, as they appear to.

You see, there is no witchcraft. The controlling influences are a handful of WASP and Jewish families, about 50/50, who no doubt boringly and dutifully attend their weekly church or synagogue services. After all, what need is there for the drinking of goat’s blood or black masses when you can watch infants starve and grown men bleed tears for their dying wives while you dine on gold-leaf cake? The organization of Adam Weishaupt and it’s members such as Goethe and the founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson in their Joseph Campbellian embrace of humanism have little to do with these fascist machinations. Indeed the forces of the Enlightenment, the lovers of classical culture, and Jesuits and Catholic scholars such as myself and John Kennedy have always stood in stark battle against the forces of totalitarianism and degradors of human freedom. This is why John Kennedy was shot in the first place, for railing against the Fed and endorsing human freedom, potential and the brotherhood of man. Compare this to Woodrow Wilson, author of the Federal Reserve, abolisher of the design of our illuminated founding fathers, and acknowledged Klansman. Listening to the speech below, remember that Kennedy was killed for daring to cry out for change, and let his martyrdom not be in vain. Join Ron Paul and myself and call your representative today and insist on transparency for the Federal Reserve and begin the end of human slavery to a greedy and unintelligent few.

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The Chains that Bind – philosophical doggerel

Posted by majutsu on November 14, 2009

To break the chains that bind

Thracian Girl carrying the Head of Orpheus on his Lyre, by Gustave Moreau

A bird sings in the morning light
four chirps and a brief silence, a blight
of melody, let us not be tied to hate or like
or black or white
or day or night.
Let the crescent moon ring forth its reflected sunlight
of our working hands or running feet alight.
with the startling quakes that course our body when
pealed thunder strikes.
Unison voices singing together like
stopping a goal at a soccer match, bright
with red faced determination,
to love, to breathe,
to feel the chill wind race up our backs,
against our futile sleeves
that struggle against the sleep and cold,
against rain and lassitude that odd
determination to believe
in this human face
a young girl’s smile of slight relief
a small boy’s clenched fist
To overthrow that prickly wreath,
that tyranny of thoughtlessness.
The right to force our way
through walls of hate,
that sunrise on a morning hill -the curious belief
no matter how small
that we can overcome the division and strife
between here and there and somehow meet
in this common journey.
That staff pounding on the ground
like an unshaken heartbeat,
a steady knock of reason at the feet
of our those stone human statues, closed hearts walled off
with disbelief
in the magical, the transcendent,the over-
coming of that which cannot be.
That new dawn, the era of every greased
hard-working chin, piped veins pumping
through every flexed arm. The hope that we
can rise above what we are in pieces
in someone’s child’s half-peeled scalp to seek
that golden handshake or stolen kiss.
A tomorrow that shakes without boundaries,
without age , gender, or color.
Unsteady as an aspen tree
or a wave of wind through some new crop of wheat.
A tomorrow that comes with love,
union and belief
that those who do not now dare now share our tongue
might someday speak
tomorrow’s orange glow
of sonorous peace.

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What Do You Fear from an Obama Presidency?

Posted by honestpoet on November 5, 2008

The number of people arriving at my blog searching for terms having to do with Obama and the Illuminati have skyrocketed now that he’s won the presidency. And I’m curious…just what is it that people fear?

I tried to allow an “Other” in the poll, but couldn’t get it to work, so please feel free to voice your fears, if they’re not included in the poll, in a comment.

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Tree of life as represented through the Baal cycle, modern humanism and the Phoenician alphabet

Posted by majutsu on January 30, 2008

Here is the tree of life with the letters for Phoenician scrying. The re-termed sephiroth come from realizing that the tree of life is the gunas. Gunas is a Hindi concept, that the nature of everything is sattva, rajas and tamas. When one uses psychedelic substances or engages ecstatic states, and the ego is lost, all that remains are thoughts, motions and shapes. These are the above gunas. The kabbalah divides the human into three levels of thought, motion and shape, (also translated by some as lucidity, dynamism and inertia) and then each level is recursively re-fractured by the gunas. The whole system is then three trinities of modes of human existence plus the physical world, to make ten sephiroth in full. The best English terms I could find for each sephiroth so far are added. They change frequently, so check back if interested.

Tree of life

Notice that the mark of the cross is the mark of ego worship. Notice that pe, the mouth, forms the language of our spells.  Notice that with zayin, the sword, the witch wields universal energy!

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Bayer Ranks High in the List of Evil Corporations

Posted by honestpoet on January 29, 2008

If you’re concerned about a shadowy group of Europeans pulling our political strings and ruining good people’s lives (what some like to call the Illuminati, though anyone with sense has to see that these folk are not enlightened in the least), check out the Wikipedia article on Bayer AG.

Here are some interesting snippets:

As part of the reparations after World War I, Bayer had its assets, including rights to its name and trademarks, confiscated in the United States, Canada, and several other countries. In the United States and Canada, Bayer’s assets and trademarks were acquired by Sterling Drug, a predecessor of Sterling Winthrop.

Bayer became part of IG Farben, a conglomerate of German chemical industries which formed the financial core of the Nazi regime. IG Farben owned 42.5% of the company that manufactured Zyklon B, a chemical used in the gas chambers of Auschwitz. When the Allies split IG Farben after World War II for involvement in several Nazi war crimes, Bayer reappeared as an individual business. Bayer executive Fritzter Meer, sentenced to seven years in prison by the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, was made head of the supervisory board of Bayer in 1956, after his release.

Isn’t that great? I’m thinking of writing a short story based on the transactions…imagine, businessmen making a deal over boxes of poison gas. “Thanks for doing your part for the Final Solution, Fritz. And here’s a bag of money for it, to boot.”

Bayer AG is involved in an ongoing controversy with French and Nova Scotian beekeepers over claimed pesticide kills of honeybees from its seed treatment insecticide imidacloprid. France has since issued a provisional ban on the use of Imidacloprid for corn seed treatment pending further action. A consortium of U.S. beekeepers has also filed a civil suit against Bayer CropScience for alleged losses.

I’m wondering if this could explain the problems bee keepers in America have been having with the as-yet unexplained hive collapse syndrome which is threatening our food supply.

Austrian journalist Klaus Werner alleged in his Black Book on Brand Companies, that the Bayer subsidiary H.C. Starck financed the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo by trading illegally with the mineral coltan. The allegations were also confirmed by a U.N. panel of experts. Bayer alleged that since 2001 it didn’t trade any more with congolese coltan, but never proved where their resources came from.

How much these people care about human lives: zero. Which would explain the following:

In October 2001, Bayer was taken to court after 24 children in the remote Andean village of Tauccamarca were killed and 18 more severely poisoned when they drank a powdered milk substitute that had been contaminated with methyl parathion.

The white powder that resembles powdered milk and has no strong chemical odour was packaged in small plastic bags that provide no protection to users and give no indication of the danger of the product within. The bags were labelled in Spanish only, and carried drawings of healthy carrots and potatoes but no pictograms indicating danger or toxicity.

Let’s worry about reality, folks, not science-fiction human-reptilian hybrids. There are evil homo sapiens on this planet. No extraterrestrial DNA needed.

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Illuminati’s Plan for 2008?

Posted by honestpoet on January 15, 2008

That’s another search that frequently brings readers to our door.

If you think that the Illuminati is some secret cabal pulling the strings from some deep darkness, what makes you think their plan for the year is going to be posted on the Internet?

I find all this very bizarre.

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True Doctrine of the Illuminati

Posted by majutsu on January 13, 2008

The True Doctrine of the Illuminati

The true doctrine of the Illuminati lies in the appreciation of the perpetual life-giving wisdom of the mythology and symbolism of the religion of the ancient Near East. The term “ancient Near East” encompasses the early civilizations in the region roughly corresponding to that described by the modern term Middle East (Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria), during the time roughly spanning the Bronze Age, from 6000-4000BC. The basis of these stories is the Baal cycle. The Baal stories were a Canaanite group of stories regarding Baal/Hadad, Lord of the Earth. The stories were found on clay tablets in the 1920s in the Tell of Ugarit, carved in Ugaritic, a cuneiform alphabet.

The stories as a whole have a central tale to tell involving three characters in particular: Baal Hadad, Yam/Mot, and Anat. Baal Hadad is the lord of the earth. He represents matter. Yam is the god of the waters and the god of death. In Mesopotamia, floods from the rivers were the source of famine, plague and death. Yam is therefore often seen as a great watery serpent, as Leviathan in the Bible, for example. Anat is the queen of heaven, the mother of fertility and source of life energy and sexuality. In mystical traditions, she represents the mystical mind, the guide, and the source of self-transformation.

Yam wished to rule over the gods. In order to do so, he would have to depose Baal from his throne. He changed his name to Mot, meaning drought or death, and attacked Baal. As this tale is a version of the spring cycle, Mot is also winter, or the absence of heat. Baal then seeks to subjugate Mot and invites him to dine. He tries to make Death (Mot) accept a meal of bread and wine, which Death, the eater of human flesh, finds offensive. In fact, when Christians eat bread and wine, they are celebrating that in the end, Baal’s (Christ’s) victory over Mot (Death) was permanent. Death demands flesh, even the flesh and life of Baal. Baal mates with a cow so as to produce a young bull, his only son, whom he dresses in his clothes to take his place. This is why the horns of a bull or ox represent Baal. This is the reason the Hebrew kabbalah begins with aleph, the ox, as does the Hebrew alphabet. This is also the reason the English alphabet begins with ‘A’, short for Aleph, the ox, and is an upside-down bull’s head. This is also why the Illuminati make a sign of a bull’s horns with the hand. This is the mis-named “devil’s sign” or the “rock ‘n roll sign” as well. Baal, after sending his bull-son, decides to hide in the land of the dead. This story resurfaces later in history as Jesus’s descent into hell.

Anat, the wife and consort of Baal, on finding the dead bull, prepares for the funeral of Baal. Afterwards, she descends upon Mot with vengeance. Anat finds Mot, cleaves him with a sword, burns him with fire, and throws his remains on the field for the birds to eat. This is why Anat is represented by the letter shin, the tooth or the cutting blades. This same letter remains as ‘W’, two teeth or blades, in the English language. Anat destroys death, but is saddened by the loss of her lord.

Then Baal comes back. The lovers are reunited in embrace and there is permanent victory over Death. Mot returns, but has been so weakened he is forced to agree to rule only part of the year and to always allow spring (Baal) to return. Furthermore, he is required to stay in the river banks and be controlled and confined to certain seasons and cycles that the ancients could count on. Mot is represented by Mem, water, in the Hebrew alphabet. This letter persists as the letter ‘M’ in English, which is a picture of two crests of waves on water.

Mot is also associated with reptilian imagery. It is not the worship of reptilian overlords that is going on, but the celebration of victory over death. The Canaanites were the originators of this religious symbolism. The Phoenicians were coastal-dwelling Canaanites who spread their alphabet (which was embedded religious symbolism) and their myths to the cultures they traded with. Canaanite mystical culture is therefore embedded in the Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and Greek mystery schools, and African religious traditions to this day. For example, the Minoan snake goddess is a representation of Anat’s victory over Mot, as the bare-breasted goddess clutches one or more dominated snakes. Christ is depicted as crushing the serpent under his heel [as are Mother Mary and St. Patrick].

The Illuminati accept this parable of human existence as taught by the reality of being on a rotating earth with the cycle of the seasons. The Illuminati are formed by no one. They are, as Timothy Leary suggested, self-appointed, self-taught, and self-motivated. The shared philosophy arises from mystical experience and understanding human history and mythology. It does appear that all useful scientific change and progress in human history was accomplished deliberately only by those with this holistic and humanistic view of self-divinity, self-achieved. But this transformation to greatness was most of time only impeded by others, certainly not encouraged or orchestrated by them. It was only those with fearlessness and confidence that all knowledge and contentment lay open to them with work who could possibly have the courage to make a difference.

The Freemasons have this knowledge. They acquired it from the Phoenicians on Malta when the Knight’s Templar’s were stationed there. They understand that you meet Anat in the inner temple which you have to prepare for her. This makes you, in their symbolism, like Hiram, the builder of the Temple of Jerusalem, and this is why building implements are their emblems. They also study the kabbalah and the Baal cycle using Christian replacement terms at times.

The Gnostic Christians have this knowledge too. They see Mary Magdalene as the Anat, and Christ as Baal. They make the knowledge of Baal’s (Jesus’s) son a secret knowledge gained from initiation. Baal on the throne in glyphs is represented as tau, the mark of the king, an ‘X’ or ‘T’ above a round head. This is why the cross, the letter ‘t’ in English, represents the risen Christ, or re-throned Baal, or the triumphant cycle of spring and hope. This is also why the illiterate still mark contracts with an ‘X’ or mark in many countries to this day.

There is a small cabal, or group, of Jews who have this knowledge, the cabala, or kabbalah. They inherited it from the Phoenicians in the form of proto-Sinaitic, then paleo-Hebrew letters and culture. The Hebrew alphabet is identical in number and shape to the proto-Sinaitic alphabet of the story of the Baal cycle. These stories and truths are retained in full in the Hebrew mystical tradition, the kabbalah.

This is the truth about the Illuminati. We believe that people are free, in divine intercourse with the universe. We believe you should approach the earth as a loving partner, with joy and passion. We believe that there is only this dance of mind and matter, and no ghosts or demons we can’t see have victory or dominion over us. Our choices, our actions and the moralities we live by are all completely free and self-determined. We look forward to a day when all people share in victory over fear, death, and powerlessness, and live in harmony with the earth, in joy.

There is talk that the Illuminati worships death and war. There is an association between this secret knowledge, the worship of Baal, and war, not because mystical knowledge glorifies murder, but because the alphabet was largely spread by the Phoenicians because it was so successful in conscripting foreign soldiers with unusual-sounding names or identifying goods for trade in ledgers when there was no word for these goods in your tongue. War, conquest, and financial assimilation are the main reasons why we have language and religion around the world. Baal is recognized as the father of war. But in this way, war is symbolic for all technology and scientific knowledge, much of which, like radar, came from war, but may be used for good or evil indiscriminately, like all tools.

However, anyone who plots death or destruction or erases the human spirit is not Illuminati. Those who spin anti-Semitic paranoid plots are the real servants of death, the real snake people. It is only by seeing the brotherhood of man, the commonality of human experience, that we can all be free of pain, hunger, poverty, death and fear one day.

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