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The Chains that Bind – philosophical doggerel

Posted by majutsu on November 14, 2009

To break the chains that bind

Thracian Girl carrying the Head of Orpheus on his Lyre, by Gustave Moreau

A bird sings in the morning light
four chirps and a brief silence, a blight
of melody, let us not be tied to hate or like
or black or white
or day or night.
Let the crescent moon ring forth its reflected sunlight
of our working hands or running feet alight.
with the startling quakes that course our body when
pealed thunder strikes.
Unison voices singing together like
stopping a goal at a soccer match, bright
with red faced determination,
to love, to breathe,
to feel the chill wind race up our backs,
against our futile sleeves
that struggle against the sleep and cold,
against rain and lassitude that odd
determination to believe
in this human face
a young girl’s smile of slight relief
a small boy’s clenched fist
To overthrow that prickly wreath,
that tyranny of thoughtlessness.
The right to force our way
through walls of hate,
that sunrise on a morning hill -the curious belief
no matter how small
that we can overcome the division and strife
between here and there and somehow meet
in this common journey.
That staff pounding on the ground
like an unshaken heartbeat,
a steady knock of reason at the feet
of our those stone human statues, closed hearts walled off
with disbelief
in the magical, the transcendent,the over-
coming of that which cannot be.
That new dawn, the era of every greased
hard-working chin, piped veins pumping
through every flexed arm. The hope that we
can rise above what we are in pieces
in someone’s child’s half-peeled scalp to seek
that golden handshake or stolen kiss.
A tomorrow that shakes without boundaries,
without age , gender, or color.
Unsteady as an aspen tree
or a wave of wind through some new crop of wheat.
A tomorrow that comes with love,
union and belief
that those who do not now dare now share our tongue
might someday speak
tomorrow’s orange glow
of sonorous peace.

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Apologies for the Long Absence, and a Hilarious Poem as a Peace Offering

Posted by honestpoet on June 9, 2009

We’ve been adjusting to our new lives up here near the Canadian border, far from the idiocy and lunacy of the Bible Belt. The kids are thriving. Last night our son won two awards for scholarship; at the ceremony I thought about how different things were down there, where he was struggling against his teachers’ irrationality and being failed primarily due to personality conflicts rooted in their inability to control what he thought (especially about religion). I can’t tell you how much happier I am watching him flower here in better soil.

Here’s a hilarious poem, “Storm,” by Tim Minchin, which demolishes new-age irrationality (and is wonderfully well written, with lots of brilliant and subtle rhyme.) My thanks to Michael Rothenberg, editor of Big Bridge, for finding and posting it at Facebook.

In personal news, my own poetry manuscript has been accepted for publication and will come out this winter or early next spring. Very exciting times.

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This is Why I’m in Poetry, Not Politics

Posted by honestpoet on December 27, 2007

Because I have children. And so did she, which is heartbreaking. They’ve assassinated Bhutto in Pakistan. Here’s the news story. And I thought our democracy was in trouble.

O, sons of Abraham, when are you going wake up and realize that we’re all one family? The human family!

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World’s first poem written in python

Posted by majutsu on December 23, 2007

# This poem was generated from Python 2.5 using a series of list object operations.
# All output (including the output authoring it's own source code)
# was sent to the textfile using a virtual compiler during runtime.

Wise Remembrances

I am not the things I have.
	I am not the people I love.
		I am not the labors I do.
			I am not the perceptions I experience.
				I am not the thoughts I think.
					I am not the emotions I feel.
						I am not the rules I follow.

							But in this moment . . .

						The rules I follow become me.
					The emotions I feel become me.
				The thoughts I think become me.
			The perceptions I experience become me.
		The labors I do become me.
	The people I love become me.
The things I have become me.

 Rules I follow. 
	Perceptions I experience. 
		Thoughts I think. 
			Labors I do. 
				Things I have. 
					People I love. 
						Emotions I feel. 

							But I will be unhappy if I forget . . .

							I am not the things I have.
						I am not the people I love.
					I am not the labors I do.
				I am not the perceptions I experience.
			I am not the thoughts I think.
		I am not the emotions I feel.
	I am not the rules I follow.

# Like any good poet, I bare my own innards below:

import random, sys
print '# This poem was generated from Python 2.5 using a series of list object operations.'
print '# All output (including the output authoring it\'s own source code)'
print '# was sent to the textfile using a virtual compiler during runtime.\n'
print '\n\nWise Remembrances\n\n'
global itemcounter
    'the things I have',
    'the people I love',
    'the labors I do',
    'the perceptions I experience',
    'the thoughts I think',
    'the emotions I feel',
    'the rules I follow']
def denunciation(objectlist,itemcounter,grade):
    for item in objectlist:
        print itemcounter*'\t'+'I am not '+item+'.\n',
    return itemcounter
def repunct(objectlist):
    for index in range(0,len(objectlist)):
print '\n'+itemcounter*'\t'+'But in this moment . . .\n'
for item in objectlist:
    print itemcounter*'\t'+item+' become me.'
for item in objectlist:
for item in copylist:

for item in newlist:
    print '\n',itemcounter*'\t',item,
print '\n\n'+itemcounter*'\t'+'But I will be unhappy if I forget . . .\n'
print '\n\n# Like any good poet, I bare my own innards below:\n\n'
print myinnards_exposed

# This is software that composes a Buddhist sutra "renunciation poem" "on-the-fly". 
# It further displays it's own source code as above.  If you run the code above in a Python compiler, 
# you will get a different, but similarly-ruled poem.  Interestingly, the Artificial Intelligent "author" 
# reflects on her own process at the end of the poem by displaying her own innards (Including this commentary).

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Creative Loafing: a Blog Worth Reading

Posted by honestpoet on December 10, 2007

Peter Meinke is the man who taught me how to write poetry, the craft of it. He also, as my mentor, helped me understand the need for poets to have something to say, as well as the need to hang on to our sense of humor. He taught me how to work with form (and even play with it), and how to free myself from it. To him I will be forever grateful.

Through correspondence I read a great rant from him about that bizarre world inside the Beltway which has such a disastrous effect on the world outside it. And then I went looking for the blog where it had been posted, Creative Loafing, out of Tampa, FL. I’m happy to introduce it to you and to add it to my blogroll. I think I’ll be checking back there often!

In that same correspondence, btw, I answered the question he asks at the end of this glorious expression of outrage by this good man, as to which Democrat might lead us out of this quagmire that is the war in Iraq, with: Dennis Kucinich.

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