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When is Humanity Going to Get That We’re All in This Together?

The True Doctrine of the Illuminati

The true doctrine of the Illuminati lies in the appreciation of the perpetual life-giving wisdom of the mythology and symbolism of the religion of the ancient Near East. The term “ancient Near East” encompasses the early civilizations in the region roughly corresponding to that described by the modern term Middle East (Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria), during the time roughly spanning the Bronze Age, from 6000-4000BC. The basis of these stories is the Baal cycle. The Baal stories were a Canaanite group of stories regarding Baal/Hadad, Lord of the Earth. The stories were found on clay tablets in the 1920s in the Tell of Ugarit, carved in Ugaritic, a cuneiform alphabet.

The stories as a whole have a central tale to tell involving three characters in particular: Baal Hadad, Yam/Mot, and Anat. Baal Hadad is the lord of the earth. He represents matter. Yam is the god of the waters and the god of death. In Mesopotamia, floods from the rivers were the source of famine, plague and death. Yam is therefore often seen as a great watery serpent, as Leviathan in the Bible, for example. Anat is the queen of heaven, the mother of fertility and source of life energy and sexuality. In mystical traditions, she represents the mystical mind, the guide, and the source of self-transformation.

Yam wished to rule over the gods. In order to do so, he would have to depose Baal from his throne. He changed his name to Mot, meaning drought or death, and attacked Baal. As this tale is a version of the spring cycle, Mot is also winter, or the absence of heat. Baal then seeks to subjugate Mot and invites him to dine. He tries to make Death (Mot) accept a meal of bread and wine, which Death, the eater of human flesh, finds offensive. In fact, when Christians eat bread and wine, they are celebrating that in the end, Baal’s (Christ’s) victory over Mot (Death) was permanent. Death demands flesh, even the flesh and life of Baal. Baal mates with a cow so as to produce a young bull, his only son, whom he dresses in his clothes to take his place. This is why the horns of a bull or ox represent Baal. This is the reason the Hebrew kabbalah begins with aleph, the ox, as does the Hebrew alphabet. This is also the reason the English alphabet begins with ‘A’, short for Aleph, the ox, and is an upside-down bull’s head. This is also why the Illuminati make a sign of a bull’s horns with the hand. This is the mis-named “devil’s sign” or the “rock ‘n roll sign” as well. Baal, after sending his bull-son, decides to hide in the land of the dead. This story resurfaces later in history as Jesus’s descent into hell.

Anat, the wife and consort of Baal, on finding the dead bull, prepares for the funeral of Baal. Afterwards, she descends upon Mot with vengeance. Anat finds Mot, cleaves him with a sword, burns him with fire, and throws his remains on the field for the birds to eat. This is why Anat is represented by the letter shin, the tooth or the cutting blades. This same letter remains as ‘W’, two teeth or blades, in the English language. Anat destroys death, but is saddened by the loss of her lord.

Then Baal comes back. The lovers are reunited in embrace and there is permanent victory over Death. Mot returns, but has been so weakened he is forced to agree to rule only part of the year and to always allow spring (Baal) to return. Furthermore, he is required to stay in the river banks and be controlled and confined to certain seasons and cycles that the ancients could count on. Mot is represented by Mem, water, in the Hebrew alphabet. This letter persists as the letter ‘M’ in English, which is a picture of two crests of waves on water.

Mot is also associated with reptilian imagery. It is not the worship of reptilian overlords that is going on, but the celebration of victory over death. The Canaanites were the originators of this religious symbolism. The Phoenicians were coastal-dwelling Canaanites who spread their alphabet (which was embedded religious symbolism) and their myths to the cultures they traded with. Canaanite mystical culture is therefore embedded in the Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and Greek mystery schools, and African religious traditions to this day. For example, the Minoan snake goddess is a representation of Anat’s victory over Mot, as the bare-breasted goddess clutches one or more dominated snakes. Christ is depicted as crushing the serpent under his heel [as are Mother Mary and St. Patrick].

The Illuminati accept this parable of human existence as taught by the reality of being on a rotating earth with the cycle of the seasons. The Illuminati are formed by no one. They are, as Timothy Leary suggested, self-appointed, self-taught, and self-motivated. The shared philosophy arises from mystical experience and understanding human history and mythology. It does appear that all useful scientific change and progress in human history was accomplished deliberately only by those with this holistic and humanistic view of self-divinity, self-achieved. But this transformation to greatness was most of time only impeded by others, certainly not encouraged or orchestrated by them. It was only those with fearlessness and confidence that all knowledge and contentment lay open to them with work who could possibly have the courage to make a difference.

The Freemasons have this knowledge. They acquired it from the Phoenicians on Malta when the Knight’s Templar’s were stationed there. They understand that you meet Anat in the inner temple which you have to prepare for her. This makes you, in their symbolism, like Hiram, the builder of the Temple of Jerusalem, and this is why building implements are their emblems. They also study the kabbalah and the Baal cycle using Christian replacement terms at times.

The Gnostic Christians have this knowledge too. They see Mary Magdalene as the Anat, and Christ as Baal. They make the knowledge of Baal’s (Jesus’s) son a secret knowledge gained from initiation. Baal on the throne in glyphs is represented as tau, the mark of the king, an ‘X’ or ‘T’ above a round head. This is why the cross, the letter ‘t’ in English, represents the risen Christ, or re-throned Baal, or the triumphant cycle of spring and hope. This is also why the illiterate still mark contracts with an ‘X’ or mark in many countries to this day.

There is a small cabal, or group, of Jews who have this knowledge, the cabala, or kabbalah. They inherited it from the Phoenicians in the form of proto-Sinaitic, then paleo-Hebrew letters and culture. The Hebrew alphabet is identical in number and shape to the proto-Sinaitic alphabet of the story of the Baal cycle. These stories and truths are retained in full in the Hebrew mystical tradition, the kabbalah.

This is the truth about the Illuminati. We believe that people are free, in divine intercourse with the universe. We believe you should approach the earth as a loving partner, with joy and passion. We believe that there is only this dance of mind and matter, and no ghosts or demons we can’t see have victory or dominion over us. Our choices, our actions and the moralities we live by are all completely free and self-determined. We look forward to a day when all people share in victory over fear, death, and powerlessness, and live in harmony with the earth, in joy.

There is talk that the Illuminati worships death and war. There is an association between this secret knowledge, the worship of Baal, and war, not because mystical knowledge glorifies murder, but because the alphabet was largely spread by the Phoenicians because it was so successful in conscripting foreign soldiers with unusual-sounding names or identifying goods for trade in ledgers when there was no word for these goods in your tongue. War, conquest, and financial assimilation are the main reasons why we have language and religion around the world. Baal is recognized as the father of war. But in this way, war is symbolic for all technology and scientific knowledge, much of which, like radar, came from war, but may be used for good or evil indiscriminately, like all tools.

However, anyone who plots death or destruction or erases the human spirit is not Illuminati. Those who spin anti-Semitic paranoid plots are the real servants of death, the real snake people. It is only by seeing the brotherhood of man, the commonality of human experience, that we can all be free of pain, hunger, poverty, death and fear one day.

(authored by Majutsu and originally posted on Jan. 13, 2008)

16 Responses to “The True Doctrine of the Illuminati”

  1. 84735 said

    Well said Majutsu (insert respect smiley)

    Peace & Love 🙂

  2. truth and justice said

    I am seeing that there are different interpretations of what the Illuminati believe in. I like your expostion, it is illuminating, David Icke’s idea of the Illuminati being Reptilians from another dimension would definately make for a good Sci-Fi Channel series. My reading directly what documents are out there from the Bavarian Illuminati is very interesting and different all together.

    What I believe: Do good unto all. Be as good as you possibly can. Do no evil. Develop yourself, and when you have the prosperity, figure out how to use wealth in a manner that the wealth can grow, and improve other people’s lives. Work to improve oneself, and the rest of humanity. I call my philosophy Allism.

    Peace, Happiness, Strength, and Wisdom to All.


  3. A O A.
    Hello In charge,
    I visited your website and deeply impressed by your work and teachings. I found that you are doing a great work for the Islam and Islamic people in the meantime. I am a professional translator as you know that the Urdu is the language of different countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan,etc. i want that your work
    Should be appreciated in these countries. I want to do work with your ministry OR organisation as a Urdu Translator’s. Hopes that you will consider me for this great option.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Zainab Naseem

  4. honestpoet said

    We have no ministry or organization…we’re just a husband and wife who care and think deeply about what it means to be human beings.

  5. dweller37 said

    Have you researched The isle of Skye in Scotland?(winged Isle)
    An ancient Mother Anat temple ruins is closeby the faerie bridge. Jesus Island IOSA, Isa lays closeby in Eilean Island. Could that Jesus be Baal?

  6. dttnwo said

    im not sure what youre trying to say, but there is no way in hell the illuminati have any benefits to the human race. Regardless of what they believe, they still have no moral sense whatsoever, and any support or admiration for them is just plain evil and ignorant. I dont care if they worship Jesus, Zeus or whoever, in the end they are evil and working towards the destruction of most of our species, thats all that needs to be acknowledged about them.

  7. Sovereignty Soldier said

    Who cares what they worship or what their doctrine is! They need to be exterminated! They are a parasite and patriots and Christians are the cure. Just remember, they fear one person with initiative more than they fear an entire militia. This is because they cannot infiltrate the lone individuals mind before he/she acts, like they do with the militias. F the illuminati and if they follow or read this, I welcome death, my release from this corrupt world. You have no power over me! I know who some of you are, I patiently wait. I belong to God and am a Christian soldier dedicated to your destruction. I fight for truth in a world of lies. I relish in debunking your minions and destroying their credibility. The blood of millions of innocents cries out from the earth for your judgement and punishment. You will not escape and all your fairy tale beliefs in the hocus pocus, dime store tricks of that counterfit wannabe Lucifer will not help when your at the end of Truths sword!

    • honestpoet said

      Uh, please see the recent entry entitled “Abolish the Fed.” You need to direct your hate at the people who are actually pulling the strings that keep most of the world enslaved, not at this mythical bunch of boogiemen. You may also want to consider Haldol.

  8. adam vega said

    if anyone important reads this im tryin to be apart of the illuminati i will do what ever it takes to get on top.. for real thanx….nwo

  9. majutsu said

    I haven’t experienced this, it is hearsay, but the universe is pure being where forms arise and fall like the bubbles in sea foam, essentially not real, illusory. Therefore, when you discard your petty, individual self, your will aligns with the Supreme Will, and you will get what you want. In other words, ask and it shall be given unto you.” I don’t know any illuminati, but if you study, seek, and they exist at all, I’m sure they’ll come to you. Good luck!

  10. i do believe that this illuminati is a sign of satan and i also believe ppl are a part of this illuminati group will suffer a horrible fate as foretold in the bible . and i also believe i can’t support anyone linked to this illuminati because of the fact that this group is pure evil plain and simple and anyone who admires or follows this group in any way shape or form shall regret their choice because of what this group actually represents in this life time. i feel sorry for all those involved in this group the more i read about it the more disgusted i become it is sickening that demons walk amongst us and that ppl cant see the forest for the trees . it makes me feel ashamed to know about this stuff but also in certain situations knowledge is power and hindsight is only 20/20 and knowledge is better than stupidity and i am glad i researched this subject. because it makes me faith alot stronger now. and i will continue to speak out against this subject wherever i am . because we all have a voice in life whether we use it is the ultimate question. and to which purpose shall we use this voice? i shall use my voice and my knowledge to speak out about wrong doings because i feel it is my ultimate job in life to try to help right these wrongs. i feel that i have learned a valuable lesson in this study session. thank you for your time and patience reading my opinion. i greatly appreciate it .

  11. Kevin Lee said

    The Illuminati have an extreme dislike for Judaism, and all Abrahamic religions for that matter. They are strong believers that humanity should exert acts of evil, to rid themselves of evil. They believe that morality halts advancement. If they do like the esoteric story you present above, it is only because they see themselves as Yam/Mot, just as they see themselves as Lucifer. They’re big on symbolism and objectify what is not real as real. I’m not stating all illuminists are evil, as I’m one of them. Many of the principles that illuminists have outlined over the ages I strongly agree with. However, after my studies, I cannot help but come to the conclusion that the order itself suffers from deep psychological problems that ultimately will prove to harm humanity rather than help or advance it. All the lies and the subterfuge, the manipulations and all the bullshit, that they claim is in the pursuit of the betterment of mankind; that will just not roll anymore. Hopefully, a new Illuminati will emerge from the ashes of the old. The true synthesis to the thesis (the current/old World order) and the anti-thesis (the current Illuminati/NWO).

    The Illuminati as it is must die, in order to give birth to a new Illuminati, a much virtuous one.

    A posse ad esse

    • arya mitra said

      so let me get this straight…u approve of warring on women and children ..raping..stealing land..demonizing anyone different..
      all this is taught in the bible…so u gonna stone somebody fer working on the sabbath? for being gay..for being intellectual?

      dont give me the old tired “out of context” crap…there is no context for that stuff and you know it!!! the context is even worse!
      the hebrews were not all jews…and you best learn to make the distinction between jew and hebrew!!
      jews are evil..period you can spin how you want…but the minute you posit a chosen people ideology you start down a path of evil!
      the abrahamic faiths have contributed nothing!!!!!

      even their evil books always speak of the wise east..well the east has made its decision ..ABRAHAMIC CULTURE IS EVIL!! defend it all you want… no one is twisting anything up …read the bible..i just know you never have!
      ive never been to any church where the entire bible is read!! if it cant be taken out of context …it fails as divine!!!

  12. Thank you for your excellent discussion. The history of intellectual thought is full of people who do not realize the origin of their beliefs and ideas. It is my opinion that the mystical roots of all religions are rooted in our neurobiology and the nature of reality. We are lucky to live in a time when quantum mechanics has restored the idea of consciousness to physics, and when neurobiological tools allow us to explore the mind brain. I am the creator of Tantric Kabbalah, a path to Divine Unitary Consciousness that integrates quantum mechanics, neurobiology and evolutionary biology with tantra, kabbalah, and goddess worship. I invite you to visit my website http://stuartmarkberlin.com and to continue the journey of unifying divine masculine and divine feminine energy into the world for healing and creativity. love and light, Stuart

  13. Warren said

    When is Humanity Going to Get That We’re All in This Together? or when are we all going to accept that to be inhuman is an offence against a race of Beings/US.The Illuminati isn’t our threat but a race of Beings that have destroyed many planets and created wars for only one purpose, to devour and move on.Many of our threats on this planet are from those who have given themselves over to be their slaves to destroy those who get in their way and those that will expose them.They have been here for centuries…like the quote about man given his soul over to the devil for the riches of the world…Rockfeller said,’give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws’…his agents control the world’s media,banks,education,business and politics and he spent a great deal of money financing nazi scientists. He is in my opinion a man who gave his soul over to darkness and is a threat to us/humanity.But their is a greater threat than Rockfellers, Illuminati and other religious groups as it says,’The Whole World Will Follow After The Beast’.In 1986 I was face to face with them.Tagged with 6 months of gruelly they couldn’t prove me as a liar…They have a hive and are building their army through us. Put on the whole armor of God..whatever you interpret the word god as..Your children childrens will be the agents to bring forth and you should be glad that you will not be here to see a global movement of people under a new kind of slavery.The Rockfellers, Illuminati and other religious groups bring a surface fear but those that shall arise will bring FEAR and you shall Feel it.

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